Monday, February 1, 2016

#DopeyChallenge Recap Part 3 - #WDWHalf

Saturday morning - yet another 2am wake up call.  At this point my body is throwing a one finger salute to my alarm clock.  We had wound down our evening at Disney's Hollywood Studios on Friday night and grabbed dinner at our resort's quick service so we were in bed earlier than the previous two nights but my body was still struggling Saturday morning.  But the weather was promising to be fabulous for a 13.1 mile stroll to Magic Kingdom and back, so off Bonnie, Suzanne, and I went (the rest of the Broads would be cheering the half and saving their legs for the full on Sunday). That plus we had race retreat to look forward to!

Anger, Disgust, and Joy ready to run!

We got to race retreat with plenty of time to fully enjoy the perks for the extra price we paid, which included a rare photo op with all of the crew from Pinocchio!

Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, and Gepetto all to wish us good luck!

And the bad guys too - I have never seen Stromboli in the parks!  Had to have a pic with them even though with him, Honest John, and Gideon I was a tad creeped out...

After my pre-race bagel with peanut butter, a second cup of coffee, and a stop in the private porta potties, we were off to corral I!

Plan for today??  Meh not real sure.  Stop if we want.  Have fun.  Don't be on our feet too long.  Got it.

We ran into Lisa in the corral as we were waiting! 

Crappy pic but it's the best I can do at 5am in the dark...

Next thing we knew it was our turn, and we were off!  I really do love this course.  It does have a few congested areas but who doesn't love running through the Magic Kingdom?!?!  We didn't stop for any characters en route to the MK but it's almost mandatory to take a pic in front of Cinderella's castle, especially when the Christmas lights are still on.

I had to take a quick potty stop in Tomorrowland so I missed the Buzz Lightyear photo - whomp whomp.  And I think the previous two days were really starting to get to us, because as we were leaving the MK headed back to Epcot we were really just looking forward to being done, so we did not make any more stops until we found the Broads at mile 12.  Boy, seeing them was just the spirit lift we needed!!!

With a little over a mile left we decided to make the most of it and did make two final pic stops - first with Scrooge McDuck, whom I have never seen in the parks!

Pic courtesy of Suzanne

And second - an obligatory Spaceship Earth selfie!

Almost 13 miles later and we're still smiling!

We finished with a very respectable 2:49.  After refueling our tanks at race retreat, we headed back to the resort.  Suzanne and I had an afternoon date planned at Senses to get our legs ready for the final race of the weekend!!

22.4 down, 26.2 to go!

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