Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#DopeyChallenge Recap Part 2 - #WDW10K

Friday morning was another hard wake up for the Walt Disney World 10K.  On Thursday after the 5K Suzanne and I enjoyed a cinnamon roll the size of our heads at Gaston's Tavern and a Starbucks (of course) at Magic Kingdom and rode a few of our favorite rides before meeting some friends for afternoon tea at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa (this was a neat experience and will get its own post!).  Afterwards we headed over to settle into our home away from home for the weekend and rushed to Disney Springs to meet Bonnie at the new Boathouse restaurant, which was super yummy. Unfortunately we were up later than we wanted to be so when the alarms started going off at 2am, we were a hard sell...

But, luckily the Minnie medal drives a hard bargain so Suzanne, Bonnie and I dragged ourselves out the door to catch the bus back to Epcot.

We are satisfied with our care - but not our wake up time...

Did I mention it was raining that morning??  It was really the only day we had significant rain the whole trip and thankfully I was prepared with a tossable poncho and my mylar from the day before.  We huddled in corral to try to stay warm and dry before our corral C start and as we made our way to the starting line we noticed the rain had stopped!  And since we were oh so cute in our Big Hero 6 outfits and we wanted everyone to see them, we ditched our rain gear right before we crossed the starting line.  Only to have the rain pick back up a few minutes later and continue for the rest of the race - whomp whomp.

We didn't really have a game plan for this race either and I was hoping to kinda take it easy and have fun much like the day before with some character stops.  Needless to say most of the photo op characters had retreated to stay dry by the time we got to them so we did not get any character pics the whole race.  We did however create our own photo ops in Epcot and along the Boardwalk, which we walked entirely due to slippery conditions.

Mandatory World Showcase selfie with Spaceship Earth in the background

What do you mean you're not open?!?!  We're hungry!!!

We're soaking wet but still all smiles!

The three of us crossed the finish together an hour and 23 minutes later.  We were wet, cold, and hungry so we collected our medals and headed to the bus.

Sadly to say this was my least favorite race of the weekend - but only because I really hate being cold and wet.  I really liked the course and the company but Mother Nature kinda ruined it for me.  But I wasn't going to let her ruin my weekend!  The biggest part of our Dopey adventure was still to come!

9.3 down, 39.3 to go!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

#DopeyChallenge Recap Part 1 - #WDW5K

After a LATE night at Disney's Hollywood Studios Wednesday night (lesson to be learned from that), my Dopey partner-in-crime Suzanne and I schlepped from our room at Bay Lake Tower to catch the bus for the Walt Disney World 5K.  Being that this race had the later 6am start compared to the remaining races of the weekend and the fact that there was no race retreat before and we didn't really care to stand around on our feet for an hour before the race, we opted not to attempt to catch the first bus to enjoy a few more minutes of shut eye.  By the time we got to the pre-race area we had time for a quick potty stop before we headed to corral C.  It was a tad chilly that morning but thankfully our roomie for the night Lisa had a spare blanket that I wore up until we crossed the starting line.

We hadn't really discussed a specific game plan for this race other than we wanted to enjoy it but not be on our feet too long.  The first characters we came to outside of Epcot were Chip and Dale, who would have made a great pic except for the fact that they were in the dark :(. So onwards we went into Epcot, entering the World Showcase in between the Mexico and Norway pavilions.  It was pretty crowded and both of us were feeling pretty good with our pace so we ended up not taking any walk breaks, and that worked out just fine.  Timon was up next but his line was pretty long so we passed him up but couldn't skip over Bolt, who was right outside the American Adventure pavilion!

The Festival of Fantasy Lost Boys inspired our 5K outfits!

I absolutely LOVE running through the World Showcase before sunrise!  We also stopped at the Italy pavilion to take a pic.

We found Marie in the France pavilion but opted to skip her since we had seen her before.  We did however stop on the bridge towards the England pavilion for a selfie!

Still all smiles!  And a tad sweaty too - needless to say we had warmed up quite a bit.

As we headed back towards the front of the park to the finish line we did pass by a photo op with Stitch in front of The Land but couldn't resist another pic in front of Spaceship Earth.

We crossed the finish line about 46 minutes after we started.  I was very pleased with how we did!  We collected our Pluto medallions and headed for the bus - we had a date with humongous cinnamon rolls from Gaston's Tavern!!!

3.1 down, 45.5 to go!