Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thoughts After My Last Long Dopey Training Run

Today I completed my last long #DopeyChallenge training run.  It's hard to believe that this time next week I will be in Orlando, getting ready to tackle my biggest running adventure to date.

Thanks to Facebook I can revisit how I was feeling on this day last year preparing for the #GoofyChallenge and the calm I feel compared to last year is almost scary.  I feel like I could board a plane today and start running tomorrow - a complete 180 from the fear and self doubt I had last year while trying to train and recovering from an "intense stress reaction" in my left shin.  But then I think about the vow I made to myself when I registered for the Dopey Challenge back in April and it just reaffirms my confidence.  Everything I said I wanted to do different this time around - I did.

I vowed to run no more than 3 days a week so that I wouldn't get injured.  I worked with Krissy again this year and gave her my awkward and sometimes cumbersome work/life schedule and she produced a training schedule that I could stick with!

I vowed to cross-train on my non-running days to build my cardiovascular endurance.  Thanks to LiveFit I have been cycling, bootcamping, and weight lifting (amongst other fun things!) on my non-running days.  If I say it once I will say it 1000 times - cross-training has saved me from injury this training cycle.  I committed to those classes just as I committed to my training runs and I can certainly tell a big difference.

I vowed to lose 25lb before marathon weekend.  This is probably the place I struggled the most; it's no big secret that I've had a weight issue in the past.  When I looked at pics from marathon weekend 2015 (and maybe even more notably, Princess Half weekend), I knew I needed to make a change.  I began logging food in My Fitness Pal again and sticking to my calorie allotment.  It hasn't always been easy but I'm very happy to say that I have lost exactly 25lb to date - something I know my joints are very thankful for.

That last part was pretty out of my comfort zone, but you all also know that I like to keep it real.  So there you go.  

I'm feeling in a MUCH better place this year as opposed to last year.  One of the big reasons I have focused so much on doing it right this time was not only because I wanted to finally go into a marathon fully trained, but because I'd like to see what sort of time I can pull off when I am fully trained.  That's right - I'm aiming for a HUGE full marathon PR next weekend.  Hopefully third time's a charm!!

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