Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thoughts After My Last Long Dopey Training Run

Today I completed my last long #DopeyChallenge training run.  It's hard to believe that this time next week I will be in Orlando, getting ready to tackle my biggest running adventure to date.

Thanks to Facebook I can revisit how I was feeling on this day last year preparing for the #GoofyChallenge and the calm I feel compared to last year is almost scary.  I feel like I could board a plane today and start running tomorrow - a complete 180 from the fear and self doubt I had last year while trying to train and recovering from an "intense stress reaction" in my left shin.  But then I think about the vow I made to myself when I registered for the Dopey Challenge back in April and it just reaffirms my confidence.  Everything I said I wanted to do different this time around - I did.

I vowed to run no more than 3 days a week so that I wouldn't get injured.  I worked with Krissy again this year and gave her my awkward and sometimes cumbersome work/life schedule and she produced a training schedule that I could stick with!

I vowed to cross-train on my non-running days to build my cardiovascular endurance.  Thanks to LiveFit I have been cycling, bootcamping, and weight lifting (amongst other fun things!) on my non-running days.  If I say it once I will say it 1000 times - cross-training has saved me from injury this training cycle.  I committed to those classes just as I committed to my training runs and I can certainly tell a big difference.

I vowed to lose 25lb before marathon weekend.  This is probably the place I struggled the most; it's no big secret that I've had a weight issue in the past.  When I looked at pics from marathon weekend 2015 (and maybe even more notably, Princess Half weekend), I knew I needed to make a change.  I began logging food in My Fitness Pal again and sticking to my calorie allotment.  It hasn't always been easy but I'm very happy to say that I have lost exactly 25lb to date - something I know my joints are very thankful for.

That last part was pretty out of my comfort zone, but you all also know that I like to keep it real.  So there you go.  

I'm feeling in a MUCH better place this year as opposed to last year.  One of the big reasons I have focused so much on doing it right this time was not only because I wanted to finally go into a marathon fully trained, but because I'd like to see what sort of time I can pull off when I am fully trained.  That's right - I'm aiming for a HUGE full marathon PR next weekend.  Hopefully third time's a charm!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Celebrating Marathon Weekend 2016

Hello internet friends - I know, it's been awhile.

I am not going to make any excuses about why the blog has been so quiet.  Life happens, and I'm sure you all understand that.  I told myself that after the holidays l would give some attention back to the blog, since it's something I really enjoy.

So here you go!  And I've got a real treat for you on today's post - a giveaway!!

You see, Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is quickly approaching - only 9 days away!  As you may recall I am going out to conquer the Dopey Challenge that weekend, and I wouldn't dream of doing it with anyone other than my DisBroads.  We will all be there next weekend and although we are running different events, we will be represented at every race - I am so proud of my girls!!  And we are VERY excited - who wouldn't be, it IS Disney after all!  And to celebrate the upcoming weekend we are hosting a giveaway!

The prize includes this Mickey Mouse runDisney sling backpack and 26.2 magnet, along with a runDisney ballcap and tote bag!  Instructions included in the Rafflecopter below.  The nitty gritty:  Giveaway ends January 1, 2016 at 12am MT.  Open to US and Canadian residents only.  Winner will be notified via email and will have two days to respond or they forfeit and another winner will be selected.

Good luck and hope to see you next weekend!!