Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thoughts from a Goofy Girl

It has been a week since I got home from WDW Marathon weekend - and quite honestly, it has taken me this long to start getting my thoughts together about how to describe the awesomeness.  I didn't check in before I left - and that was intentional.  I had a follow-up visit with the ortho and went into the weekend consumed with fear and self-doubt.  I know I'm jumping ahead of myself - let me back up a tad and fill you in.

But just in case you are worried - here's a spoiler alert.

No stock or borrowed photos here - these pretties are mine.

The Monday before marathon weekend I went back in for my ortho follow-up.  I was expecting for him to tell me I was free to resume running and to just take it easy - but that did not happen.  Instead, we discussed my MRI results (again) and he told me to come back in 4 weeks and at that point we would begin a walking program.

UHM....yeah dude, not happening.  I was actually really frustrated because he was talking to me as if the MRI was new, not 5 weeks old.  I kept trying to tell him that I had already taken almost 6 weeks off but he didn't seem to be listening to me.  Thankfully, his assistant remembered I had a big weekend coming up and she whispered to me as I was leaving to just walk if it hurt - and we made my 4 week follow-up appointment.

I did a trial run the Wednesday before I left at the gym near my house with a few of my Sole Sisters.  It was only 2 miles but it sucked hard core and every little twinge made me panic.  How was I going to pull this off??

So needless to say when I arrived at Disney World on Thursday afternoon my excitement was muted somewhat.  I was not having any pain otherwise but I was still very nervous about how the weekend would go.  I am happy to report that I completed the challenge and the weekend was absolutely amazing!  Race recaps and more to come!

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