Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goofy Challenge Part I - WDW Half Marathon Recap


My alarm went off at 2am on Saturday morning - it was time for the first leg of the #GoofyChallenge - the WDW Half Marathon.  If I am being completely honest here, I will tell you I was scared shitless going into this race.  As I mentioned before, I wasn't exactly following doctor's orders by running the races that weekend but here I was, about to take on the first 1/3 of the Goofy Challenge.  And I was so worried that my leg would not hold up and I would not finish.

Suzanne and I were the only DisBroads running this morning, and we both had race retreat so we agreed to catch the first bus from our respective hotels and meet there.  After a small delay leaving the Beach Club, I met Suzanne in the big white WARM tent!  There was NO line for the Toy Story characters in the tent that morning so we opted to visit them first before grabbing a bite to eat and some much needed coffee.

Goofy DisBroads

Me and Bullseye

To Infinity and Beyond!  Or, at least 39.3 miles...

It was uncharacteristically cold in Florida that morning so we stayed in the race retreat tent until the last possible moment then headed for our corrals.  Even though it was very chilly that morning I still hydrated as if it were warmer, and henceforth, we had to make a pitstop before entering our corral - whomp whomp.  We still made it to our corral with plenty of time before it was our turn and honestly, the hustle getting there took my mind off the task at hand.  Before we knew it, it was our turn - and we were off!

Our BRF Wendy was also coming into the weekend recovering from a broken ankle, and we knew she had planned to run 2:1 ratios the next day for the full marathon so I asked if Suzanne was ok with trying this for the half, and she graciously agreed to whatever my leg was good with - bless her!!!  Our plan was just to take it easy so that we would be ready for the next day and stop for characters if we felt so obligated :)  The course was crowded, of course, but the first 4 miles really seemed to whiz by.  I wasn't having any pain and we were actually enjoying ourselves!  We had passed a few character stops but entering the Magic Kingdom area we came upon Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas - which happens to be a fav in Suzanne's house, so we pit stopped there.

I took a pic with Jack and Sally but it didn't really turn out - sadz.  Suzanne's pic is awesome though - check out her recap here!

Next thing we knew we were entering the Magic Kingdom and running through the castle, showered by snow and greetings from Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff!  The castle was EXTREMELY congested though and we pretty much were forced to walk through it, hence no good castle pics - boo.  We headed out of the MK and onward towards the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian without stopping for anymore pics.  It was on this road by the golf course that we ran into Mer and Brooke from Scootadoot!!  It was so nice to run and chat with them, even if it was for just a short amount of time.

We began gaining momentum as we made our way back towards Epcot because we knew DisBroads Amy, Bonnie, Shannon, and Wendy were going to be outside Epcot to cheer for us - and the reunion was glorious!!!

After some sweaty hugs, Suzanne and I FINALLY shed our throw away tops (at mile 12 no less, LOL) and headed into Epcot to finish the first 1/3 of our Goofy Challenge!

We negative split that bitch!  And that called for a celebration in race retreat!!

I felt so good following the half it almost seemed surreal - I had no pain but I iced my leg immediately anyways.  I could not believe that I had just defied the odds and run 13.1 miles - it was almost like the first time all over again!  I had told myself going into this race that this was the make it or break it race - and finishing as strong as we did I felt much more confident going into the full marathon the next day.  Cheers to that!!!

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