Thursday, December 4, 2014

#GoofyChallenge Training Update

Well, here we are - about 34 days away from the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend; which means I'm about 37 days from the first half  third of Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge.  I've been looking forward to this race since we registered in April, and been following my training plan to a T since September.

But then, something happened.

What you ask??  Well, I'm still not really sure.  But about 3 weeks ago I did my first Goofy Challenge simulation - 6.2 miles Saturday, followed by 13.1 on Sunday.  I also did an additional 6 miles that Friday, which led to a total of 25.3 miles over a 3 day period.  And apparently my lower left leg did not like that too much, because that following Monday, it began to hurt.

I made it through the work day but when I got on my treadmill that night to run my 4 miles, I had to stop after 2.  I haven't had pain stop me mid-run in a LONG time.  And I got scared.  And I immediately began throwing everything at it that I could possibly think of to make it better.  

Fast forward 3 weeks.  I was back to getting in most of my runs and some cross training but the leg is still not 100%.  I missed my 16 and 20 mile runs of my training plan; I did complete my 12 miler this past weekend and sometime mid afternoon my leg began to hurt again.  With the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon this weekend and my big race looming in the wings, I decided it was time to have it checked out.

I had an MRI today to confirm there's no serious damage but luckily, the orthopedic surgeon just felt I had strained a muscle and not allowed it to properly heal - whomp whomp.  I've been taking some anti-inflammatories and complete rest this week (meaning no exercise at all) to try to heal it up a bit more quickly; and even though I haven't tried to run, I can tell you I haven't been feeling any pain at all the past few days so I can already see improvement.

Needless to say, this injury has sidelined my Goofy Challenge training.  I might be down but I am certainly not out!  I am hoping to pick up where I left off and complete a 16 miler next weekend.  I was hoping to do a longer run than that prior to the marathon but my coach is pretty confident that I will be fine - so I'm going to trust her and not stress any more about it.  It's hard to believe this has come up so quickly - but I'm ready to wear this medal proudly!!!

Will I see you at marathon weekend??  How is your training going??

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