Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 - Year In Review

Today I am linking up with my pal and fellow DisBroad Patty and her pals for Tuesdays on the Run.  I figured with the new year looming it would be a nice trip down memory lane to take a look at the races I ran this year and a few highlights from each!

This race was my "make-up" race from the cancelled St. Jude Half marathon from 2012.  The course was FLAAAAT as all get out and I set my then-PR of 2:19!  

My family joined me for a long weekend at the most magical place on Earth as I participated in all of the races for Princess Half Marathon weekend - the Royal Family 5K, Enchanted 10K, Princess Half Marathon, and Kids Races.  I gave recaps of that weekend here, here, here, here, here, and here.  By far one of my favorite runDisney weekends to date!

This race was in its second year and has quickly become a local favorite of mine.  It is put on by my alma mater, the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy.  Part of the proceeds benefit the Pat Summit Foundation and part benefit the Academy of Student Pharmacists Chapter at the school.  The route takes you right by the school and I think I just loved supporting my school doing something I loved.  AND I set a 4 mile PR at 39:00!

I had the incredible pleasure of serving as a Rock 'n' Blog ambassador for this race and I have to say - for being in the hilly city of Nashville, this race was rather enjoyable!  I definitely liked the course more than the Women's Running Half Marathon course and the crowd support was amazing.  I didn't go in to this race with any major goals and managed to finish in 2:30, which I was pleased with.  The highlight of my weekend in Nashville was attending the St. Jude Heroes Pasta party Friday night!

The Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run and the Tower of Terror 10 Miler were my runDisney start to my family's week-long Disney vacation, and I can't think of a more awesome way to start a trip than that!  Check out my 5K recap here.  Sadly I totes missed doing a recap of the 10 miler - just know that it was an awesome run and I hate that they are not holding this race next year!

After a whirlwind Disney vacation I hit the road to St. Louis!  I went in not expecting much from this race since I had just been on vacation for a week but surprised myself with my current half marathon PR of 2:18!  

AKA - the race that didn't happen.  I talked all about it here but one thing I didn't really talk about was how I still went down to the race and cheered for all my friends running.  Race spectating is a FINE art, my friends - and I truly have an appreciation for all the folks that cheer for me each time I run because it's not easy!  Honestly though, I can't imagine NOT going down there to cheer; it was a truly awesome experience.  Especially manning the bull horn at mile 17 - that was AWESOME.

Well, there you have it!  A lighter year for me race-wise, ending on a dull note unfortunately due to my injury but that just gives me all the more reason to start 2015 off with a bang!  I look forward to hitting the pavement again VERY soon!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Five for Friday - Catch Up Edition

I know, I know - my blogging has been a little lackluster lately.  So I thought another Five for Friday  might be good to catch you up on all the goings on with the Smiths!

1.  I hope you all had a most wonderful holiday yesterday!  The Smith girls had a fabulous day - I could go all day long just watching those smiles!

2.  I cannot believe that two weeks from NOW I will be at Disney World preparing for race #1 of the #GoofyChallenge.  As race day(s) approach I find myself getting nervous and wondering if I'll be able to finish.  I have been doing everything I can think of to prepare myself while sticking to my doctor's orders.  As I mentioned before, I found a physical therapy/rehab place in my area that had an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill and it has been a game changer for me the past few weeks!  I have been able to get a few runs in on it and if nothing else it has given me the peace of mind of getting a run in before race week.  But I'm hoping it's keeping those running muscles prepared for the miles we'll be putting in in two weeks.  That, and it's helping me break in my new shoes, which arrived the day after I got diagnosed with a tibial stress reaction - whomp whomp. 

My #Supersuit
3.  Speaking of marathon weekend - did you catch the merchandise preview on the Disney Parks Blog??  I'm so very glad that my family thought to give me money to take on my trip for Christmas because I see several things that I'd love to have!

Pics courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog
Including this

And before you ask, yes, I preordered this.  Merry Christmas to me :)

4.  I may not have mentioned this, but I'm also headed back to Disney in February for Princess Half Marathon weekend.  I originally wasn't going to be going back for this race but several of the DisBroads decided to go and, well, I just couldn't be left out!  I am only running the half marathon this year and will be making it a very short trip - flying in early Saturday morning, flying home Monday afternoon.  But check the BLING - it's #Frozen yo!

Pic courtesy of Disney.  I happened to see another picture they released and the medals are actually SILVER.  Can.not.wait.

5.  Shameless plug here - I am one month in to my new Plexus regimen and I absolutely love how much better I am feeling.  I started off drinking Plexus Slim and taking the Accelerator+ but I always felt very hungry before lunch so I decided to try the Triplex instead - Plexus Slim, BioCleanse, and ProBio5.  I drink the Slim 30 minutes before breakfast and eat a small meal and sometimes have to remind myself to eat lunch at a normal time!  I also haven't felt the normal "bloat" I feel around the holidays (that might be TMI - oh well) and I think my Plexus regimen has a lot to do with that.  I'm making my health a priority in 2015 and invite you to join me!  Visit my website here and feel free to email me and ask me any questions - ksmithpinkdrink AT gmail DOT com.

There you have it!  I promise to try not to wait so long in between updates - perhaps a 2015 New Year's resolution! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My 1st DNS

Well, I guess I was being cautiously optimistic last week when I said I didn't think they would find anything wrong on my MRI.

Because they DID find something - something pretty big.

"Intense stress reaction" are not the words I needed to hear less than 24 hours from the start of the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon; and yet that's the news I received, along with the recommendation of no running for 6 weeks.

Yes, that's 6 WEEKS.

To say I was upset at that point is probably a MAJOR understatement.  Not only was I not running the next day, but this diagnosis also puts my Goofy Challenge in jeopardy. 

I had already taken off running for one week while we waited for the MRI to be done and get the results, so I have 5 weeks left.  My follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon is January 5th - 3 days before I leave for Disney World.  But I am determined to still go and participate in Marathon Weekend - but this means I have my work cut out for me.

In the past few days I have invested in a bike trainer so I can ride my bike more.  I have also located an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill in my area and will be giving it a try for the first time this Saturday.  I've signed up for more classes at LiveFIT (except my favorite TurboKick, boo!) - everything I can think of to keep myself in shape for the Goofy Challenge.

Which is 29 days from now.

Taking a deep breath...

Any advice or words of wisdom are greatly appreciated :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

#GoofyChallenge Training Update

Well, here we are - about 34 days away from the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend; which means I'm about 37 days from the first half  third of Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge.  I've been looking forward to this race since we registered in April, and been following my training plan to a T since September.

But then, something happened.

What you ask??  Well, I'm still not really sure.  But about 3 weeks ago I did my first Goofy Challenge simulation - 6.2 miles Saturday, followed by 13.1 on Sunday.  I also did an additional 6 miles that Friday, which led to a total of 25.3 miles over a 3 day period.  And apparently my lower left leg did not like that too much, because that following Monday, it began to hurt.

I made it through the work day but when I got on my treadmill that night to run my 4 miles, I had to stop after 2.  I haven't had pain stop me mid-run in a LONG time.  And I got scared.  And I immediately began throwing everything at it that I could possibly think of to make it better.  

Fast forward 3 weeks.  I was back to getting in most of my runs and some cross training but the leg is still not 100%.  I missed my 16 and 20 mile runs of my training plan; I did complete my 12 miler this past weekend and sometime mid afternoon my leg began to hurt again.  With the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon this weekend and my big race looming in the wings, I decided it was time to have it checked out.

I had an MRI today to confirm there's no serious damage but luckily, the orthopedic surgeon just felt I had strained a muscle and not allowed it to properly heal - whomp whomp.  I've been taking some anti-inflammatories and complete rest this week (meaning no exercise at all) to try to heal it up a bit more quickly; and even though I haven't tried to run, I can tell you I haven't been feeling any pain at all the past few days so I can already see improvement.

Needless to say, this injury has sidelined my Goofy Challenge training.  I might be down but I am certainly not out!  I am hoping to pick up where I left off and complete a 16 miler next weekend.  I was hoping to do a longer run than that prior to the marathon but my coach is pretty confident that I will be fine - so I'm going to trust her and not stress any more about it.  It's hard to believe this has come up so quickly - but I'm ready to wear this medal proudly!!!

Will I see you at marathon weekend??  How is your training going??