Friday, November 14, 2014

My VIP Experience at #RnRSTL

Disclaimer:  I am a Rock 'n' Blog Ambassador for this event and received a complimentary VIP pass in exchange for my promotion of the event.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

For the Rungevity Rock 'n' Roll Marathon & 1/2 presented by The Quinn Family Foundation last month I was given the opportunity to try VIP access for the day of the race.  I was really excited about the opportunity!  Look at all the VIP access has to offer you:

Starting line VIP lounge
This opened at 6am and was located RIGHT NEXT TO the starting line.  There were tables set up for us to sit and relax before the race began, along with some light breakfast items and beverages.  Since I had driven up the day before and was only staying the one night, it was nice to know that I didn't have to worry about packing my pre-race food or trying to run around an unfamiliar town to find something suitable.

I met several nice folks in the VIP area the morning of the race, including a woman from Indiana who was running her first marathon that morning!  She and I shared some sunflower butter on top of that banana bread - that along with that half a banana hit the spot!

And of course, there was a beverage station.  It was REALLLLLY cold in St. Louis that morning so I was so VERY happy to grab a nice warm cup of coffee!!

Also in the starting line area was a VIP gear check (which I did not use but can only imagine was very convenient) as well as private port-a-potties!  My only complaint was that early in the morning it was still dark and there were no lights so we were going potty in the dark - BUT it was still a very nice perk to not have to stand in line!!!

Finish Line VIP Lounge
The finish line VIP lounge was located in the same tent, which was a very short walk from the finish line.  I hit the runner receiving area for my medal, my foil blanket, and my chocolate milk and then walked over to decompress, grab a quick post-race bite, and get myself together before walking back to my hotel.  The post-race spread was even more impressive than the pre-race eats!

Not only did they have some more breakfast-like items, like sausage, egg, and cheese croissants and more of the same light breakfast items we had enjoyed pre-race, but they also had sandwiches with all the fixings.  At the drink station they added sodas and beer, in addition to water bottles and chocolate milk.  All available for you to enjoy as much as you wanted!  The private port-a-potties were still available, as well as a post-race massage tent, which sadly I did not stick around long enough to enjoy because I still had to drive home.  But I did take the opportunity to stretch out a bit before walking back to my hotel, and there was ample room for that!

I grabbed some breakfast breads and another chocolate milk for the walk back - my one regret was that I couldn't stay long enough to enjoy all of the offerings!

Since my hotel was within walking distance I also did not use the VIP parking pass but that alone was worth its weight in gold, y'all.

Would I pay for VIP access at another Rock 'n' Roll event???  ABSOLUTELY.  All of the amenities are, in my opinion, well worth the extra money spent.  Being from out of town I already had pre-race jitters, worrying about how to get to the starting line and what I was going to eat and where I was going to rest before the race started - having VIP access completely wiped away those worries and allowed me to enjoy the event even more - AND I managed a PR at this event, and who's to say the two aren't related... ;)

All I can say is that now I'm spoiled and so I forked over the money for the race retreat for Marathon Weekend in January at Disney World.  What can I say - go big, or go home :)

Have you ever paid for VIP access at a race??

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