Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Haunted 5K Recap

I realize I'm a tad late with this race recap - I hope it's worth the wait!!!

Our race bibs!

After a LATE night at the Magic Kingdom Friday night for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, Suzanne, Jamie, and myself got up and got suited up for the Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run.

While most people were dressing in Halloween or villain attire for this race, I took a different approach.  Meet R2D2!  The skirt is a prototype for the R2BeatU design available from Rock City Skirts (which is now available for purchase on their website - thanks to Rock City Skirts for giving me their prototype to test out!).

Buses began leaving the resort at 5:30am for the 7:30am start and we were on the first one.  Unfortunately, shortly after arriving at ESPN Wide World of Sports it began raining - but lucky enough we had planned ahead and I had brought my rain jacket!

It rained UP until the race started y'all!  But that was the last of the rain for a whole week so I could put up with it for a short while ;)

For the 5K events runDisney assigns you to your corral based on when you registered; Suzanne and I were slated for corral B but bumped back to C to be with Jamie.  As we waited I caught this beautiful picture of the sunrise over Jostens Center and the HP Field House!

Around 7:45 it was time for our corral to start!

Unlike the 10 miler later on that night, there were no fireworks for this starting line - whomp whomp.  Off we headed through the fields at ESPN into the trails behind.  I had read a recommendation in the Team runDisney group on Facebook to wear different shoes to the 5K if you were running the 10 miler that night, especially with the rain.  I was SO glad I did, even though running in the older pair of shoes was a tad rougher on my joints.

As expected, there were several characer pit stops on the course, several of which you do not usually find in the parks!  The first one we came to was Honest John and Gideon from Pinocchio!

Next up was the hag from Snow White - who, coincidentally, we saw cutting a rug on the dance floor Friday night at Club Villain at MNSSHP...

Suzanne and I went ahead a little bit because we had decided that while we wanted to take pics, ultimately we wanted to get done so we skipped the next two characters stops, the Big Bad Wolf and one other.  But even the lengthy line for these guys near the end of the race couldn't deter us from this pic:

The gravediggers!!  I MIGHT have had a small crush on the one holding my arm - you could just tell that underneath his makeup he was pretty cute.  Anywho...

We ran through the fields and back up towards Jostens Center for the finish line.

Me and Suzanne at the mile 3 marker

Jamie joined us a few minutes later at the finish!

The bling

Overall I enjoyed this race for the most part.  I am NOT a trail runner but I knew before hand that this was an entirely off road course so I was not surprised by the terrain.  However, my joints prefer asphalt so for that reason alone I'm not sure that I would do this race again.  It's also not being offered in 2015 - sadz :(  But I loved the character stops and the medal - it glows in the dark!!!

Have you run this event?  What do you think about trail runs??

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