Thursday, September 18, 2014

Apple Raisin Steel Cut Oats

Sundays are my long run days - my sweat sisters and I usually hit the pavement between 5 and 6am to get our training miles in.  It's guaranteed to be a good time - and I know you're thinking how is running so many miles fun; but when you're with good company, it really is!

This past Sunday was the first time it started to feel like fall was coming.  My running buddies needed to do quite a few more miles than I did (they are training for the St. Jude full marathon - SO proud of them!!!) so after my 6 I left them and went on home.  Which was a good thing because I was actually kind of cold!  And you know that cooler temps and sweaty clothes don't mix - by the time I got home, I was COLD.

I threw on a sweatshirt when I got home but since it was breakfast time I figured I'd whip up something warm for us to eat.  This recipe, Apple Raisin Steel Cut Oats, is the product of that!  And, as promised on my Facebook page earlier this week, here's the recipe!

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