Monday, July 7, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

Right before the holiday weekend, I got a package in the mail - my next Stitch Fix!  Here's a glimpse at what came in my second shipment.

Chevron top with black skinny jeans

I know you just LOVE the My Little Pony stickers on my mirror, don't you.

I absolutely LOVED the colors on this top - the cut though, not so flattering on me.  The pants I also loved; I am not a big fan of skinny jeans all around (they just never look good on a bigger girl like me) but these fit comfortably and I liked the way they looked.

Verdict:  kept the jeans, sent the top back

Henley top

This top was very lightweight - I could see wearing it even during the summer.  I paired it with my new black skinny jeans but I think it would look even cuter with a tan pencil skirt.

Verdict:  kept the top

Black hipster purse

This purse is like a Transformer - it's looks are deceiving.  Here, in this pic, it appears to be a clutch.  OH but no, it's actually a hipster, complete with shoulder strap.  I wasn't wild about the bronze touches and the tassel????  Definitely a no go.

Verdict:  sent the purse back

Blue dress

The first time I put this dress on I was like, uhm, nope, not gonna happen.  And then Mr. Smith Summary begged me to try it on again so I did - and this time, for some reason, it called out to me that it wanted to remain in my closet.  Photo credit to Mr. SS here - he said a profile view would help you see the cut and length of the skirt, while the pic to the right would show you the waistline, which I happen to love.  I also happen to think (and Mr. SS agrees) that I look great in blue.  It's a tad shorter than I like but not short enough for me to say no.

Verdict:  kept the dress

So there you have it!  I added three new pieces to my wardrobe this time around.  Thanks Stitch Fix, can't wait until next month's fix!!!

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