Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adventures in Potty Training


We are in full-on potty training mode in the Smith house.  We moved the girls to a new daycare at the beginning of this month and Morgan needs to be potty trained by August 4th at her new school.  We had not been pushing the whole potty training thing as hard prior to that but I figured with a full month - surely, we could get it accomplished.

Boy did I have it wrong.

I'm pretty sure that's what she's thinking.

At the recommendation of the daycare, we began putting Morgan in regular underwear at the beginning of the month.  I bought her Sofia the First panties and princess panties...I mean, why would you want to mess up your beautiful princess panties??  I don't really think she cares though because, so far, wearing regular underwear has not sped up this process.  She is still having daily accidents - sometimes more than one.  Yesterday, it was about 4 or 5.  And yes, we are going #2 in them also.

Although yesterday, she did drop trou in the playhouse outside on the playground to do her business, so I guess we're getting somewhere...???  #lookedlikeanouthousetomemom

We do give rewards when she goes potty IN the potty - those little snack packs of M&Ms work wonders.    Yesterday, she told me she made "I make yellow water; I want NimNims."  So I'm pretty sure she knows what she's SUPPOSED to do, just doesn't necessarily WANT to do it all the time.  

So defiant.

She's not really telling us when she needs to go potty, so we've just been routinely taking her about every hour; we started with going every 30 minutes but that backfired when she would refuse to go.  Perhaps she's a monster of our own creation...

I don't recall having NEAR this many issues potty training Samantha - she picked it up rather quickly.  Which I guess only goes to show you how completely different two children can be.  

We are running out of time here and I am kinda at a loss - does anyone have any tips for potty training the defiant child??

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