Thursday, May 1, 2014

Marathon Prep - Step 1: Get a Physical

So, it's been almost two weeks since I signed up for Goofy's race and a half challenge in January.  My training plan from my coach will not begin until September but now that #RunCMM is over, I will work on maintaining through the summer using a plan from Coach Krissy.  I am happy with this for several reasons - I don't want to do a bunch of races all willy nilly without purpose, for both my health and my wallet.  It also gets bloody hot in the South in the summer so it will be nice to be working from a more scaled-down schedule.  I will keep up my runs and also continue to incorporate bootcamp classes in because, quite honestly, I am really enjoying the variety.  They say it's the spice of life and I think that's really true.

In the meantime, one big thing that I did to get ready for my upcoming marathon was to get a physical.  Consider this your public service announcement folks - if you are taking on any sort of new physical activity, or even increasing your current physical activity, you need to get checked out by a doctor.

(psst - DisBroads, I'm looking at you here)

Nothing breaks my heart more than hearing these stories of people that die during a race, and these deaths are usually caused by unknown pre-existing cardiac conditions.  Plus, as an adult, it's a good idea to get yourself a physical at least once a year just for your general well-being.  Do you go to the dentist on a regular basis?  Get your eyes checked?  Same rules apply to the rest of your body yo!

My doctor performed routine lab work and some additional cardiac tests and so far everything has come back normal and I have the green light to continue my current exercise routine.

Best part of all of this?  Most insurance companies do not require you to pay a copay for an office visit for a physical - all the more reason to call today for an appointment!

Dislaimer:  I am not an MD, nor do I play one on the internet.  This post reflects my personal experiences and opinions and may not apply to all.  

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