Friday, May 23, 2014

Five for Friday: Catch Up Edition

Happy Friday y'all!

I owe you an update!  I know things have been quiet around here, so I thought I would use a little Five for Friday to fill you in on what we've been up to!

1.  Samantha's dance recital was last weekend - hard to believe this was her fourth recital!  We are still not sure if she will be dancing next year so this was a bittersweet event.  

My dancing star!

We brought Morgan to watch her "shisser" dance and I was so proud of how well she behaved!  She sat quietly and watched and clapped and cheered when she was supposed to.  And when Samantha hit the stage she cried out "That my shisser."  Heart.exploding.

2.  My big girl also graduated from kindergarten this week.  Y'all, I had a really hard time with this.  It seems like just yesterday I took her for her first day of school and now they are done.  The program was at school Tuesday and the theme was "Aloha My Friends" and the kids did fantastic.  My girl even had a speaking part, which she nailed.

3.  When I graduated from pharmacy school 8 years ago I said I would never crack a book to study EVER again.

Boy was I wrong about that.

With my new job I am having to reciprocate my license to 9 11 states.  Yes, since I accepted my position back in December, two more states have changed their state law to require that out-of-state pharmacies have a pharmacist licensed in their state also to dispense.  Thank you West Virginia and Alabama.  I have gotten the ball rolling on this process with my applications to Virginia and Kentucky and am hoping to schedule my Virginia exam in the next few weeks.  I guess the good news is that if we ever move to any if these states, I will already have a license to practice in that state.  Hey Mr. Smith Summary, how about we move to Nebraska??

Or not.

4.  I am all confirmed and ready to attend my first Disney Social Media Moms On the Road conference in Philly in a few weeks!!  

I am so excited to room with DisBroad Tania for the night before the conference and then afterwards I will ride home with her to Virginia and fly home from Washington the next day.  DisBroad road trip!!  I have been to Philly for work before but it's been 8 years, and I have never been to DC so even though it will be an uber short trip it will still be awesome!

5.  Running?  Yeah, still doing that.  I am actually really loving my maintenance schedule of two short runs/one long run weekly.  That gives me the freedom to add bootcamp classes twice weekly (and they are opening their studio on June 1st and adding even more fun classes like spin and Turbo - can't wait to get in on those).  I don't have another race scheduled until Tower of Terror in October and I actually really like the change!  I know that Goofy Challenge training is going to be like nothing I have ever experienced so I'm enjoying the "down time" while I can :)

I know I owe you a #RunCMM recap - #bloggerfail.  I will get that up for you next week, I promise!!  Spoiler alert:  I got the time I was looking for :) Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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