Thursday, April 3, 2014

Princess Half Weekend Highlights - Part 2

I stopped my last PHM weekend highlights recap on Friday - there are still two more fun-filled days to share with you!

Saturday morning I ran the Enchanted 10K and then met up with my family for Samantha's Kids Race.  Once she was done we headed back to the hotel for a shower and then hit the Boardwalk Bakery for lunch.  Again, I picked a turkey sandwich that was ginormous and surprised myself by finishing it. We enjoyed eating our lunches on the Boardwalk and watching people go by.  Again, the atmosphere at the Boardwalk just takes the cake!  I also could not make a trip to the Boardwalk Bakery without treating myself to a sweet.

Hello Salted Caramel Ganache

In good blogger form, I will tell you that it was ok but it wasn't to die for, like I was hoping.  Le sigh. 

After lunch Morgan and I headed to the room for a nap while the rest of the family took off on another Downtown Disney excursion.  My only request was that they brought back an iced coffee from Ghirardelli.

They did not disappoint.

I had promised Samantha that we'd take a trip to the swimming pool Saturday afternoon so once Morgan was up we headed that way, where Samantha proceeded to slide down the clown slide no less than 100 times.  Morgan is my water baby so she, of course, had a fabulous time trying to jump out of our arms and swim on her own.  I only wish I had gotten some pics of our family fun by the pool.  I know there is so much to do at Disney World but I really enjoy taking a "break" and going for a swim, and even though this was not our typical Disney vacation, we still made time for some water fun.

After a quick rinse off in the room we headed down to the Boardwalk for dinner at Big River Grille.  My only recommendation here is to CALL AHEAD because we ended up having to wait.  You cannot currently make an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) through Disney's website but several people we ran into said they had called ahead for seating.  I'm glad that we had planned well enough to head down there early before the meltdowns ensued from lack of nourishment.  After my Nashville no-no I was leary of getting seafood to eat but settled on the blackened mahi mahi sandwich with house-made potato chips and it was pretty tasty.  We got to sit outside to eat which was also pretty nice, especially considering we had the kids.

Beautiful view of the Boardwalk at night

After dinner, Mr. Smith Summary had the genius idea of walking over to the International Gateway to watch Illuminations.  We were not the only ones that had that idea and even though we couldn't see everything, we were able to see enough to enjoy the experience.

On our way back to the room we stopped once more at Boardwalk Bakery, where I picked up a strawberry cupcake for dessert.  I know you're thinking I'm crazy for eating a huge cupcake the night before a big race but it was more like a strawberry shortcake - whipped frosting and very light.  I liked it better than the ganache I had at lunch!

Sunday was a big day - after the half marathon my family met me at the finish line and we headed straight to the Beach Club Resort for our ADR at Cape May Cafe.  This was a new to us restaurant that serves a breakfast buffet with character experiences - that morning they had Goofy, Donald, and Minnie Mouse.  I was hoping now that Morgan was a tad older she would  like the characters more but she was still a bit reserved, especially when they got close.

Samantha, on the other hand, loved having the characters come up while we were eating.

The buffet was delicious - and I'm not just saying that because I was starving when we got there.  And only at Disney is it perfectly acceptable for adults to have their picture taken with characters.

After a shower and a nap we headed to the Magic Kingdom to close out our trip.

I had set up Fast Pass + experiences for us on some new and old favorites (so glad to hear they are opening it up to book more than 3 a day!) and we also had a dinner ADR at the new Be Our Guest restaurant in new Fantasyland.

The Disney innovators really did an outstanding job with this restaurant - I felt like I had walked right into Beauty and the Beast!

We got to eat in the ballroom.  And yes, I had to have the Grey Stuff for dessert!

After dinner is over you exit the restaurant through the study where the Beast is there to greet you after your dinner.

After a few more rides it was time for Wishes!  We grabbed a good viewing spot in Liberty Square.

We had not intended to stay at the Magic Kingdom so late but we were having such a good time we hardly noticed when it hit 10pm and we were still there!  We finally started making our way back to the buses but I had to have a picture of myself in front of the castle with my medal.

I also could not go to the Magic Kingdom without eating one of these.

Would you believe Mr. Smith Summary bought me one of these without me asking?  I love that man.

Leaving Disney is always a sad day, and it was especially sad because my stepsister had joined us for the whole weekend and now it was time for her to go home too.  But Monday morning before we headed for the airport we had one last hurrah at Kouzzina for breakfast (and I'm glad we did because I hear it's closing - what a shame!)

Our table was right by the kitchen!

I had THE MOST delicious granola pancakes with blueberries EVER.  Oh, and this.

THE best iced coffee I have ever tasted.  I have the sadz that I will never get to have this deliciousness again.  Maybe they will stay open for me a few extra days so I can have one in October...ahem Disney.

Thus ends another fun Disney racecation.  I truly loved staying at the Boardwalk and would love the chance to stay in that area again for another trip - but any place on property is just as magical :)

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