Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I've Got My Game Face On

It's race week!!!

This Saturday I will #RunCMM - and even though I haven't done quite as much hill training as I would have liked, I am hoping for a decent performance Saturday.  Not gunning for a PR, but rather for my "Nashville PR" as I call it - or less than a 2:30.

I'm feeling stronger than ever now that I have been incorporating cross- and strength training into my weekly workouts.  I know this will really come in handy when I begin training for the Goofy Challenge this fall.

My #RunCMM playlist is loaded to my iPod (thanks to everyone for their song suggestions!) and I've listened to a few songs during the week this week to help me get my game face on.  My initial thoughts going into this weekend were just to run it and not worry about a PR or anything like that, but watching the Boston Marathon on Monday only inspired me to give this race my best shot!

I haven't said much this week and honestly I might not post again until after I get back from Nashville.  I do have something important I want to talk about but I will cover that next week, along with what I hope will be a very positive race recap :)  If you will be in Nashville this weekend, I hope to see you!

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