Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hitting the Reset Button

So after I talked a big game on Friday about losing some weight and getting back on track using My Fitness Pal, I went and blew it all this weekend.

I mean, royally blew it.

Mr. Smith Summary and I had a much needed PNO (Parents Night Out) and ate dinner at Texas de Brazil - and if you have ever been there, you now know how I could blow it as bad as I did.  Granted, I tried to be equal opportunity with their gigantic salad bar but I could not say no to dessert.  

Add to that I've taken the past 4 days off from running to try to heal my shin splints and it led me to feeling rather bloated and frumpy on Monday morning.

And I hate feeling that way.  Especially since I had made the commitment to do better for myself and had been doing so well.  I guess with my injury I took that as the opportunity to relax on my nutrition and well, that should have been the main reason to keep at it.

So today is April 1st and I've decided to hit the reset button.  No joke.

I'm back to logging my nutrition in MFP and being loyal to my workouts and I even took one BIG step in my running this morning.

I hired a running coach.

Yup.  See, I have my eye set on a pretty big event and I think I'm going to need help making sure my body is ready for the challenge so I've sent out for reinforcements!  I can't divulge all the details now because it will ruin the surprise of what I have in store but this person has inspired me in my running and I feel she will get me to the finish line in a way that I can be proud of.  

I'll be giving you the scoop on my plans real soon but in the meantime - have you hit the reset button lately?  

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