Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Princess Half Weekend Highlights - Part 1

As promised, I'm dedicating a few posts entirely to all the non-running fun we had at Disney World during Princess Half weekend!  There were a lot of first for the Smiths - too many for one post actually - and we enjoyed every single minute!

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and checked in at our home away from home for the weekend, Disney's Boardwalk Resort.

This was our first time staying there and I have to say - I LOVED it here!  The resort was absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed the atmosphere.  When I did our online check in I requested a room close to transportation - we were set up through DVC with a "garden view room" but DisBroad Tania had told me there are some rooms that have the garden view AND a Boardwalk view and I was hoping that by requesting a room close to transportation, I'd get lucky and get one of those rooms.


And I did :)  Our balcony was so large we could've hosted a party out there!  From our balcony we could see the Yacht and Beach Club across Crescent Lake.  It was a perfect view!

Thursday night I caught the bus over to the Magic Kingdom and then walked over to the Contemporary Resort for the DisBroad Princess Wave Meet-up.  It was such a fun way to kick off the weekend!  After the meet-up my family met me at the resort and we grabbed a quick bite at the Contempo Cafe.  We could not resist one of their delicious "Frozen"-inspired chocolate cupcakes.  No, I did not eat the whole thing by myself.  It was SO yummy though, the middle was filled with caramel!  I did, however, neglect to snap a photo.  #bloggerfail

Saturday morning my family slept while I ran the Royal Family 5K and attended the expo.  When I returned to the Boardwalk I had a quick shower and we headed over to the Beach Club Resort for our lunch ressie at Beaches and Cream.  

I have been DYING to eat at B&C for forever and this was finally my chance.  While I would have LOVED one of their delicious hamburgers I opted for a club sandwich that ended up being so large that I had the second half for dinner!  But I HAD to have a Kitchen Sink.  I know Mr. Smith Summary thought I had lost my mind but what he didn't know was that my sister Jenny and I - we have a long-standing love for ice cream and even though I know we wouldn't finish it, I had to have it.

The large scoop they brought and bowls

THE Kitchen Sink

I put forth a valiant effort to finish it, but...

It was a LOT of ice cream and we could not finish

Was it worth it?  Absolutely.

After a nap for me and Morgan, the family headed to the Boardwalk to grab a pizza from the Pizza Window while I headed back to the Contemporary to meet the DisBroads for Patty's surprise birthday fireworks cruise.  

Next time I'll wrap up my PHM recaps with our Saturday and Sunday fun, including a trip to the Magic Kingdom to end a fun-filled weekend!


  1. The Kitchen Sink looks HUGE...and amazing!!! Disney is so awesome!!!

    1. It was definitely amazing! Yes, we love Disney around here!!! Shocking, I know ;)