Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maximize Your Life

Did you hear the "squeal heard 'round the world" on Thursday??!!

If you did, that was me, when I got the email that I had won VIP tickets to the Jillian Michael's Maximize Your Life Tour stop in Memphis for Friday night.  The VIP status got me 5th row seats and a "meet and greet" with Jillian after the show.  I die.

So Friday night my bestie and I headed to the Orpheum for the 8pm show.  We picked up our tickets at Will Call and then hit the VIP booth for our special wristband.

All VIPs wore this so they could identify you after the show to go to the meet and greet

While making a quick restroom stop my BFF texted me that Jay was here.

Yes, Jay from the last season of The Biggest Loser.  I die again.

Sure enough, I walk out of the bathroom and there he is with his wife Julie.  I HAD to meet him and get my picture taken with him.  I was having a very large "fan girl" night and needed to go all out.

I wasn't the only one that HAD to meet Jay so while I was waiting I spoke with his wife and gosh, she is such a wonderful lady!!!  They had driven down from Missouri to see the show and see Jillian, whom they had not seen since the show's live finale in February.  I'm sure that was a happy reunion!

After getting my coveted Jay photo, bestie and I headed into the theater to take our seats.  We were VERY close, see?

And then, next thing we knew, Jillian herself walked out!

The show was advertised as 90 minutes in length but I listened, fascinated, for over two hours to everything Jillian had to say about the science and psychology of weight loss.  

It's very obvious just from hearing her speak how much she wants to help people.  She taught us not only about how important a healthy diet and exercise are but also that there needs to be a "why" if you want to succeed.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Harness that potential inside of you to kick start your goals and live your life to the fullest.  And most important of all - you ARE worthy enough!

She ended the show with a Q&A, assisted by her producer Janice, who is just as entertaining in person as she is on Jillian's podcast!

The time really flew by - it was hard to believe we were there for almost 3 hours!  But as the show ended I started to get super excited for the meet and greet - we were instructed to stay in our seats and someone would come get us to take us to a separate area.  As the theater began to clear out, one of the tour employees came and got all of the VIPs and took us upstairs where they had the meet and greet area set up.  We were told before hand that we could not use our personal cameras for pictures, as they were going to be taken by a professional photog.  There would also not be any time for autographs (bummer).  I was still mega excited and when my turn came, I got a big hug from Jillian who told me she was just as excited to meet me as I was to meet her!!!  We talked briefly about growing up in Memphis and she held my hand and thanked me for coming.  Oh, and we documented the meet up with a photo for posterity ;)

It was such an incredible night and I'm still on cloud 9 even a few days later!  Jillian's talk was very uplifting and made me realize that I am capable of anything I put my mind to.  Here lately I have been feeling really down on myself about putting on some additional weight since the beginning of the year but now I feel more committed to making the right choices to get the weight back off - I know I can do it and I know I am worth the fight!

If her Maximize Your Life tour is making a stop in/near your area, you definitely need to go see the show!  Click here to see the 2014 tour dates.  

This was NOT a sponsored post.  I did not have to post about the show as a requirement of winning the tickets.  I just think it was that awesome and wanted to share it with all of you!


  1. Fan girl my butt -- you were a little school girl jumping up and down!! LOL!! Be honest how you really acted!! But it was fun nonetheless! ;) Glad I was there to witness that and to see Jillian with ya bestie!!

    1. ROFL - yeah, I might have been a tad excited ;)

  2. The show sounds really interesting. I'm so bummed the dates don't work out with my move.

    1. That's a bummer Summer - maybe next year it will work out for you!

  3. So fun! How awesome for you. I just started getting exposure to Jillian. I will have to look into her books.

    1. I got her book Unlimited Friday and I'm really liking it so far!

  4. Looks like an amazing night! Cool you got to meet her