Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kids Race Recap

I left off my #PrincessHalf weekend recaps with the 10K - such a fun time!  If you missed that recap, you can find it here.

After the 10K I found a spot to rest for a few minutes while I rehydrated and ate a snack, then I changed my shirt and joined my family back over in the corral area for the start of Samantha's Kids Race!

I had heard so many neat things about the Kids Races during runDisney race weekends but we had never experienced them first hand.  When I signed up to run I decided I would ask Samantha if she'd like to participate in her own race - she, of course, gave me an emphatic YES.  Her race bib was THE cutest thing - EVER.

The Kids Races are broken down into different distance events based on the child's age - Samantha was signed up for the 200m dash.  Each race distance had its own corral and there were colored flags that corresponded to the color on their bibs so you knew you were in the correct corral.

Ready to run!

Yellow flags = 200m corral entrance

Samantha asked me to run with her (how do you say no to that??) so she and I entered the 200m corral while her chEAR squad headed towards the finish line area.  The 1 mile racers went first, followed by the 100m racers.  They had a DJ playing music and doing fun games with the kids to keep them entertained while they were waiting.  Samantha, being the social butterfly that she is, quickly made friends with Elsa and Anna.

The waiting did finally get to her in the end and she kept asking if it was her turn; she gets her patience from her father - LOL.

Waiting not so patiently...

Finally it was her turn and they did multiple waves for each distance; we managed to make it into the second wave.  Next thing we knew, we were off!

Samantha's thoughts??  "I wish it were longer."  Since she is 6, the next time we attend a race weekend as a family, she will be old enough for the 400m dash or the 1 miler, which I'm sure she would enjoy.

As a mom, I really loved the event.  It was well carried out and I love the concept of introducing exercise to our kids at a young age.  And I REALLY loved being there as Samantha got her very first runDisney medal!

The finish line

Getting her medal

So proud!!!

After the race was over and Sam collected her post-race snacks we exited the finish line area and here I have to give rD props - even though I was standing RIGHT next to her, I had to show the parent claim tag from her bib to take her out of the "safe" area with me.  Way to keep the kids safe runDisney!!!  

I wonder who is looking forward to the next Kids Race most - her or me??  :)

Have your kids ever run a Kids Race??


  1. Super cute! Way to go Samantha! I thought the Frozen bags given out at the kids races should also be given out at the adult races so I have something to put my water, banana, and snack box in!

    1. Right???!!! I would have loved one of those bags!