Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday

I have a lot going on inside this head of mine so I thought a good Five for Friday would help get all my thoughts situated - hope you can indulge my randomness today.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy :)

1.  Unfortunately I am not awarding a roll of KT Tape Pro to anyone today :(  On the bright side, I have raised almost $600 for St. Jude and there is still time to raise the remainder!  I know you're all tired of hearing from me on this but St. Jude has touched my life in more ways than one and I want them to be able to continue all the good work they do there - if you haven't given please consider donating today; even $10 will go a long way, I promise!  And then I promise I'll stop begging  asking for donations ;)

2.  I ran my #LVKickOffNight Virtual 5K last night!  Unfortunately, I can no longer ignore the shin splints I have going on and with #RunCMM only 28 days away, I think I need to take more time off to let them heal.  I have been reading different recommendations on treating shin splints - rest, ice, compression, elevation, heat...some conflicting info.  I have tried stretching and foam rollling, compression socks, ice, and taking a day or two off.  So I wanna hear from you - have you had shin splints?  What worked best for you?  I need them to heal with a quickness!

3.  I'm sure everyone that hasn't been living under a rock has heard about the latest running scandals this week.  First, we had the Publix Georgia Marathon selfie bandit, followed closely by SELF magazine's "inadvertent insensitivity" towards a cancer survivor.  Uhm, WTH people???  My thoughts on these?  Well, I think Miss Selfie Bandit is a coward and a thief; need I remind her about our little friend karma??  I'm not even linking her blog post so as not to give her a hit.  And as for SELF - well, you just lost probably a couple thousand readers; you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Talk about integrity in journalism...and with that I'll get off my soapbox.

4.  I'm back on the MFP bandwagon.  MFP = My Fitness Pal.  I think I got into a mindset there for awhile that just because I was running that I could eat whatever I wanted and while that might work for some folks, it does not work for me.  I've watched the scale tip in the wrong direction so I'm trying to get back on track.  Anyone else on MFP?  Let's be friends so we can encourage each other!

5.  Planning for our fall break trip to Disney World is in full swing!  I am super duper excited to be heading down two days early so I can participate in the events of Tower of Terror 10 Miler Weekend with some of the DisBroads before enjoying a fun-filled week with my family.  Park hours for our trip are starting to post and I will be making our dining reservations next weekend!  Consider this your fair warning that you will be hearing much more about this trip in the months to come :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Princess Half Weekend Highlights - Part 1

As promised, I'm dedicating a few posts entirely to all the non-running fun we had at Disney World during Princess Half weekend!  There were a lot of first for the Smiths - too many for one post actually - and we enjoyed every single minute!

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and checked in at our home away from home for the weekend, Disney's Boardwalk Resort.

This was our first time staying there and I have to say - I LOVED it here!  The resort was absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed the atmosphere.  When I did our online check in I requested a room close to transportation - we were set up through DVC with a "garden view room" but DisBroad Tania had told me there are some rooms that have the garden view AND a Boardwalk view and I was hoping that by requesting a room close to transportation, I'd get lucky and get one of those rooms.


And I did :)  Our balcony was so large we could've hosted a party out there!  From our balcony we could see the Yacht and Beach Club across Crescent Lake.  It was a perfect view!

Thursday night I caught the bus over to the Magic Kingdom and then walked over to the Contemporary Resort for the DisBroad Princess Wave Meet-up.  It was such a fun way to kick off the weekend!  After the meet-up my family met me at the resort and we grabbed a quick bite at the Contempo Cafe.  We could not resist one of their delicious "Frozen"-inspired chocolate cupcakes.  No, I did not eat the whole thing by myself.  It was SO yummy though, the middle was filled with caramel!  I did, however, neglect to snap a photo.  #bloggerfail

Saturday morning my family slept while I ran the Royal Family 5K and attended the expo.  When I returned to the Boardwalk I had a quick shower and we headed over to the Beach Club Resort for our lunch ressie at Beaches and Cream.  

I have been DYING to eat at B&C for forever and this was finally my chance.  While I would have LOVED one of their delicious hamburgers I opted for a club sandwich that ended up being so large that I had the second half for dinner!  But I HAD to have a Kitchen Sink.  I know Mr. Smith Summary thought I had lost my mind but what he didn't know was that my sister Jenny and I - we have a long-standing love for ice cream and even though I know we wouldn't finish it, I had to have it.

The large scoop they brought and bowls

THE Kitchen Sink

I put forth a valiant effort to finish it, but...

It was a LOT of ice cream and we could not finish

Was it worth it?  Absolutely.

After a nap for me and Morgan, the family headed to the Boardwalk to grab a pizza from the Pizza Window while I headed back to the Contemporary to meet the DisBroads for Patty's surprise birthday fireworks cruise.  

Next time I'll wrap up my PHM recaps with our Saturday and Sunday fun, including a trip to the Magic Kingdom to end a fun-filled weekend!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Run Like it's the Stroke of Midnight - Princess Half Marathon Recap

So, I realize my Princess Half Marathon recap is a little late.  

Honestly, I have been spending so much time reading everyone else's recaps that I forgot to write my own - DOH!  Since it's been a few weeks I've obviously forgotten all the nitty gritty details, so I will probably share my race experience with more pictures than words.  I ran with DisBroad Shannon and our BRF Bonnie, who both wrote excellent and timely recaps - if you want all the deets, go check out their blogs!

Race morning started once again at zero dark thirty - I had laid out flat Kristen the night before (and given that this was my third night doing so, I was a pro at this point) so I was able to get dressed quickly and head down to catch the first bus leaving the Boardwalk.

Once I arrived at the pre-race area I met up with my DisBroads - for the half marathon portion of the Glass Slipper Challenge, we were dressed as heroes and villains.  I took the role of Mother Gothel from Tangled.  

Mother knows best!

Thanks to Bonnie for sharing some of her pictures!!

After some pre-race photos and potty breaks we headed for Corral G!

Before we knew it, it was our turn to start!

And we were off!

Shannon, Bonnie, and I decided on a run 1 mile/walk 1 minute ratio.  My tape job from Dr. Laura was holding up wonderfully and I was wearing my compression socks again (a fresh pair, promise!) so my foot was actually feeling really good Sunday morning and I was hoping with this run:walk ratio we'd get done faster.  We planned to stop for pics of course - in the end, we stopped more than we had originally planned but we were having the best time!

The first 4 miles are mostly highway, making our way from the Epcot area to the Magic Kingdom.

Before we got there though we happened upon the Villains - and this was a must stop even though the line was kinda long.  We were almost to the 4 mile marker so we took this opportunity to fuel while we waited for our photo op.  Some of the other broads caught up to us so we got the best group pic!

Epic I tell ya!

The humidity was HIGH that morning and there was a very thick fog covering Cinderella's castle as we scooted down Main Street.  We entered Tomorrowland and found this guy:

Through new Fantasyland we came headed towards the castle.  We found Royal Mickey and Minnie but their line was WAAAAYYY too long so through the castle we went, and then we stopped in front for some pics.

Love my hair, don't ya??

We also found Tiana, whom we were going to see the day before but she left Louis right as we were getting in line.

Shortly after we exited the Magic Kingdom and made our way back towards Epcot on Grand Floridian Way, passing by the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian resorts.  We did not stop for any pics there but we did stop for Mrs. Incredible - since we are incredible just like her.

The Mile 7 song that we all voted for on Facebook??  Yeah, I picked a winner there.

And yes, I belted it out as we ran through.  

Of course we had to pit stop at the Mile 9 marker.  After all, it was our tribe.

And then as luck would have it we saw the Princes again, and unlike earlier that morning they had a very short line so we stopped!

I tried to stay in character the whole time, but Aladdin just about cracked me up.

We came upon the pirate ship again and the line was also shorter but just as we were almost to the front, Jack Sparrow had to take a break, leaving Captain Barbosa all alone.  I just wasn't that in to him so I opted for no pic at this stop, but Bonnie and Shannon got some GREAT ones here!

At this point we only had a few miles left and we were all getting tired, and my foot was getting a tad troublesome, especially with the on ramps we were running.  Bonnie and Shannon were so awesome to run with - we encouraged each other and kept track of each other when we'd get lost in the crowd.  I don't typically run without music but it was not necessary that day - those ladies kept me more than plenty entertained the whole time!

By the time we approached Epcot we were more than ready to be done - a quick in and up to the World Showcase and back out and we'd be finished!!!  BUT, we saw this girl and I HAD HAD HAD to have a pic with her.  My girls would disown me if I didn't.

And she had NO line - #FTW

I don't know if I can put to words the joy we had crossing the finish line together - so I'll let the picture do the talking.

Whoa, I look rough here!  Told ya it was humid.

Glass Slipper Challenge complete!!

After a bunch of sweaty hugs I bid my running mates farewell for the morning while I met up with my chEAR squad at the finish line so we could make our breakfast reservation at Cape May Cafe.  It was definitely one of my most memorable runDisney events to date - I loved every second and cannot WAIT to do it with these ladies again!

Friday, March 21, 2014

#SupportStJudeSweeps Winner and a Challenge

Thank you all SO SO very much for your continuing support in my quest to raise $1000 for St. Jude!!!  

The lucky winner of my #SupportStJudeSweeps - who will receive a beautiful purple Hallucination headband from Sweaty Bands and a $25 Rock City Skirts gift certificate is...

Maryalicia Verdecchia

Congratulations Maryalicia!!!  Thank you so much for your donation!!!  And a big thanks again to our friends at Sweaty Bands and Rock City Skirts for their generous donations.

As of this morning we (and I say we because YOU all have helped me!) have raised $540 for St. Jude!  We're almost to the goal - only $460 left.  I KNOW we can do better than this - so I'm issuing a challenge today!

I am challenging you to spread the word and see if we can raise the additional $460 by next Friday.  If 46 people donated $10 each, we'll make it!  Refer your friends to my fundraising page and then leave me a note in the comments that you did.  The person that helps me raise the most money by next week will win a FREE roll of KT Tape Pro, courtesy of yours truly!

US Residents only.  Prize will be provided by myself.  To be considered for the prize you must leave me a comment with the name of the friend who donated - all entries will be confirmed.  Donations made prior to 3/21/14 excluded but donations made by yourself WILL count towards your total if made between 3/21/14 and 3/27/14.  Winner will be selected from qualifying entries with random number generator.

Now get our there and #SpreadTheWordforStJude!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Strip At Night Kick Off Run

Disclaimer:  As a Rock 'n' Blog Ambassador I will receive free race registration in exchange for my promotion of the event.  As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Who is excited to run the strip at night at Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas in November??

Registration for this awesome experience opens on April 2nd and to celebrate, my friends over at Rock 'n' Roll are hosting a kick off night 5K Fun Run!

Hosted runs will be held in the following locations:
Los Angeles
San Diego

Not close to one of these locales?  No worry, you can participate in the virtual run anytime between March 18 and April 2nd.  You will submit proof of your 5K run and will receive a digital medal - and the first 2500 participants will receive a limited edition promo tee!

All participants will also be entered into a drawing for free entry to the 2014 #RnRLV!  But you know the best part of all of this??

It's FREE!

That's right - there is no cost to participate in either the hosted fun run or the virtual run.  So click here to get yourself signed up!

I am all signed up and ready for my virtual 5K - are you in??

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maximize Your Life

Did you hear the "squeal heard 'round the world" on Thursday??!!

If you did, that was me, when I got the email that I had won VIP tickets to the Jillian Michael's Maximize Your Life Tour stop in Memphis for Friday night.  The VIP status got me 5th row seats and a "meet and greet" with Jillian after the show.  I die.

So Friday night my bestie and I headed to the Orpheum for the 8pm show.  We picked up our tickets at Will Call and then hit the VIP booth for our special wristband.

All VIPs wore this so they could identify you after the show to go to the meet and greet

While making a quick restroom stop my BFF texted me that Jay was here.

Yes, Jay from the last season of The Biggest Loser.  I die again.

Sure enough, I walk out of the bathroom and there he is with his wife Julie.  I HAD to meet him and get my picture taken with him.  I was having a very large "fan girl" night and needed to go all out.

I wasn't the only one that HAD to meet Jay so while I was waiting I spoke with his wife and gosh, she is such a wonderful lady!!!  They had driven down from Missouri to see the show and see Jillian, whom they had not seen since the show's live finale in February.  I'm sure that was a happy reunion!

After getting my coveted Jay photo, bestie and I headed into the theater to take our seats.  We were VERY close, see?

And then, next thing we knew, Jillian herself walked out!

The show was advertised as 90 minutes in length but I listened, fascinated, for over two hours to everything Jillian had to say about the science and psychology of weight loss.  

It's very obvious just from hearing her speak how much she wants to help people.  She taught us not only about how important a healthy diet and exercise are but also that there needs to be a "why" if you want to succeed.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Harness that potential inside of you to kick start your goals and live your life to the fullest.  And most important of all - you ARE worthy enough!

She ended the show with a Q&A, assisted by her producer Janice, who is just as entertaining in person as she is on Jillian's podcast!

The time really flew by - it was hard to believe we were there for almost 3 hours!  But as the show ended I started to get super excited for the meet and greet - we were instructed to stay in our seats and someone would come get us to take us to a separate area.  As the theater began to clear out, one of the tour employees came and got all of the VIPs and took us upstairs where they had the meet and greet area set up.  We were told before hand that we could not use our personal cameras for pictures, as they were going to be taken by a professional photog.  There would also not be any time for autographs (bummer).  I was still mega excited and when my turn came, I got a big hug from Jillian who told me she was just as excited to meet me as I was to meet her!!!  We talked briefly about growing up in Memphis and she held my hand and thanked me for coming.  Oh, and we documented the meet up with a photo for posterity ;)

It was such an incredible night and I'm still on cloud 9 even a few days later!  Jillian's talk was very uplifting and made me realize that I am capable of anything I put my mind to.  Here lately I have been feeling really down on myself about putting on some additional weight since the beginning of the year but now I feel more committed to making the right choices to get the weight back off - I know I can do it and I know I am worth the fight!

If her Maximize Your Life tour is making a stop in/near your area, you definitely need to go see the show!  Click here to see the 2014 tour dates.  

This was NOT a sponsored post.  I did not have to post about the show as a requirement of winning the tickets.  I just think it was that awesome and wanted to share it with all of you!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fundraising Friday - An Update and a Giveaway!

Last week I made a plea on social media for help in raising more money for the kids at St. Jude.  When I woke up last Friday my fundraising was sitting at $255 - and with the help of all of you, we have raised an additional $215 just in the past week.

That is AH-MAZING!!!!!  I cannot thank all of you enough for your support!!!

But there is still work to be done.

I REAAAALLLLLLYYYYY want to hit my $1K goal.  As I spoke to last week, I had been thinking about doing a giveaway to help raise more money and several of you gave me some great ideas - thanks for all your help with the brainstorming!!!  So, without further adieu...

The wonderful folks at Sweaty Bands and Rock City Skirts have graciously donated this beautiful purple Hallucination Sweaty Band and a $25 gift certificate respectively to the winner of this sweepstakes!  Even though a donation to St. Jude is not required to enter, it is greatly appreciated!  You can donate by clicking here.  If you have already donated you can enter also; just follow the directions in the Rafflecopter.  

Thanks in advance for your support - and GOOD LUCK!!
Winning entry will be verified.  US residents only please.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kids Race Recap

I left off my #PrincessHalf weekend recaps with the 10K - such a fun time!  If you missed that recap, you can find it here.

After the 10K I found a spot to rest for a few minutes while I rehydrated and ate a snack, then I changed my shirt and joined my family back over in the corral area for the start of Samantha's Kids Race!

I had heard so many neat things about the Kids Races during runDisney race weekends but we had never experienced them first hand.  When I signed up to run I decided I would ask Samantha if she'd like to participate in her own race - she, of course, gave me an emphatic YES.  Her race bib was THE cutest thing - EVER.

The Kids Races are broken down into different distance events based on the child's age - Samantha was signed up for the 200m dash.  Each race distance had its own corral and there were colored flags that corresponded to the color on their bibs so you knew you were in the correct corral.

Ready to run!

Yellow flags = 200m corral entrance

Samantha asked me to run with her (how do you say no to that??) so she and I entered the 200m corral while her chEAR squad headed towards the finish line area.  The 1 mile racers went first, followed by the 100m racers.  They had a DJ playing music and doing fun games with the kids to keep them entertained while they were waiting.  Samantha, being the social butterfly that she is, quickly made friends with Elsa and Anna.

The waiting did finally get to her in the end and she kept asking if it was her turn; she gets her patience from her father - LOL.

Waiting not so patiently...

Finally it was her turn and they did multiple waves for each distance; we managed to make it into the second wave.  Next thing we knew, we were off!

Samantha's thoughts??  "I wish it were longer."  Since she is 6, the next time we attend a race weekend as a family, she will be old enough for the 400m dash or the 1 miler, which I'm sure she would enjoy.

As a mom, I really loved the event.  It was well carried out and I love the concept of introducing exercise to our kids at a young age.  And I REALLY loved being there as Samantha got her very first runDisney medal!

The finish line

Getting her medal

So proud!!!

After the race was over and Sam collected her post-race snacks we exited the finish line area and here I have to give rD props - even though I was standing RIGHT next to her, I had to show the parent claim tag from her bib to take her out of the "safe" area with me.  Way to keep the kids safe runDisney!!!  

I wonder who is looking forward to the next Kids Race most - her or me??  :)

Have your kids ever run a Kids Race??

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pizza Bread

Mr. Smith Summary got creative in the kitchen this weekend y'all and I just had to share!

See, he makes a mean sweet beer bread; we make a lot of that in the winter to enjoy fresh bread with our dinners on cold nights.  Lately he's been thinking of things to add to the standard recipe and voila, pizza bread was born!  It truly is a meal in and of itself.

Tell me that doesn't look delish!!

We have a local pizza shop that makes THE best pepperoni breadsticks, which is what inspired this recipe.  I even bought some pizza sauce to dip with!

Yes, we ate off paper plates this weekend.  Don't judge.

Now that your mouth is watering - you want in on the recipe??!!

Pizza Bread
3 cups self-rising flour
3 tablespoonful sugar
1-12oz beer
5oz pepperoni, chopped
1 tablespoonful minced garlic
Italian seasoning to taste (we used about 1 tablespoonful)
1/2 stick butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix flour, sugar, and beer - we use our stand mixer for this.  It gets pretty sticky.  Once the base dough is made, add pepperoni, garlic, and Italian seasoning while continuing to mix to incorporate throughout the dough.  Pour into a greased loaf pan and bake for 50 minutes.  After 50 minutes, pour melted butter on top of bread and sprinkle with salt and bake for an additional 10 minutes.

Let the bread sit for about 10 minutes once out of the oven to form a good crust before cutting.  Serve by itself or with pizza sauce for dipping.