Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quiet Around These Parts

So - things have been quiet around the blog for the past few days.

I hope you guys haven't been worried about me.  I'm doing well, actually, but have been dealing with a family emergency the past few days.  All is well at the Smith house, rest assured!  And we are making sure the rest of our family is well also!

I was also reunited with my old "friend", Mr. Boot.

See, I haven't been completely honest with you guys.  On the way home from New Orleans I noticed pain developing around my left ankle and well, it hasn't gone away.  Given that I have big plans for next weekend (I MIGHT have mentioned I'm running another race next weekend...), I decided to have my foot looked at and I am yet again battling peroneal tendonitis.  Thank you for your uneven roads NOLA!  Seriously though, even though I had a great race it just did a number on my foot and now it needs to rest a bit longer so it's ready to run 22.4 miles next weekend.

Wait Kristen, did you say 22.4 miles??  I thought you were running the Glass Slipper Challenge, which is the 10K followed by the half marathon.

Well....yeah, I kinda caved to peer pressure and signed up for the Royal Family 5K on Friday morning last week.  These DisBroads can talk me into just about anything - LOL.  So yes, I need my foot in tip top shape for next weekend, so I will comply and not run and wear said boot until we fly out ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!  

Can you tell I'm excited??

So thanks for checking back with  me this week - I've been taking care of the fam and gearing up for a BIG, fun trip next week!  Who else will be there??