Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heroes Don't Just Run the St. Jude Marathon

Want to be a St. Jude Hero but think you can't because you can't make it to the St. Jude Memphis Marathon?

Or, looking at it another way:

Want to run a race but registration is already sold out?

The answer to both I questions is the same:  St. Jude Heroes run everywhere!!

The St. Jude Heroes program sponsors runners all over the country and it's easy to sign up - click here to get started!

Have a particular race in mind, say, Disney's Princess Half Marathon?

Simply search for the event name and you will find a link for that event taking you to that event's page.  From there you can contact the event's St. Jude representative about registration and see a list of fundraising options and benefits for that particular event.  The benefits levels can vary from race to race so you will want to be sure you look at the levels for the race you want!

Here is an example of the fundraising options; these are from this year's Princess Half:

As you can see, the more you raise, the more benefits you get!  As I said, the levels will differ from race to race but all the benefits go to the kids at St. Jude!  What could be more rewarding than that?? :)

You can also hit the "Show All" button to see all the races with Heroes spots available and pick one you'd like to run!  The choice is yours!

My buddy and fellow DisBroad Suzanne ran as a St. Jude Hero at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November.  I can give you so many reasons why I think running for St. Jude is important but Suzanne summed it up pretty nicely here - thanks for being a Hero Suzanne!!!

So whatcha waiting for??  Why not join me as a St. Jude Hero??!!  Check it out today!