Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Starry Nights and Mistletoe Village

This past weekend we took the girls to Starry Nights at Shelby Farms Park.

What is Starry Nights you ask?

It's a drive-thru display of over 1.5 million Christmas lights!  It has been around for years and is the largest holiday light show in the MidSouth area.  I remember going to Starry Nights when I was a kid and I've been looking forward to sharing that tradition with Samantha and Morgan.  Now that Morgan is old enough to enjoy it, I knew we needed to go back this year.  They have made some great improvements to the festivities over the years, including the addition of Mistletoe Village where you can park the car, get out and do some holiday shopping, visit the petting zoo, and even ride a camel - all while sipping a delicious cup of hot chocolate and muching on some yummy cookies.

Morgan has developed a new-found love for Christmas lights.  It made my mommy heart explode to hear her in the back seat saying "Look, momma, look!" and "It's Chrimas" (her version of Christmas).  I.die.  Samantha, of course, always loves Starry Nights.  But this year we decided to treat them to a stop at Mistletoe Village and it didn't disappoint!

Samantha and I even rode the camel!  His name was Sargeant.  I was afraid I was going to fall off and break my leg but thankfully Sargeant was kind enough to return us unharmed!  The cocoa was delicious and the cookies were home baked, not store bought.  We got two cups of cocoa and two bags of cookies for only $8 - very reasonably priced!

One of my other favorite things about Starry Nights is the Starry Nights 4K run!  This year it is taking place on December 28th at 5pm.  I did this run last year and it is so much fun!  If you are interested in joining me for this year's event click here to sign up!

If you are local and interested in seeing Starry Nights and Mistletoe Village they will be showing nightly until December 28th beginning at 6pm until 9pm (Friday and Saturday they are open until 10pm).  Every Monday is run/walk/ride night - no cars allowed!  For more information and pricing click here.

QOTD:  Do you enjoy driving around looking at Christmas lights during the holidays??


  1. How fun! My FIL takes my kids to something like this every year.

    1. I love this stuff! I love the holidays in general though, doesn't take much to please me ;)

  2. We make an annual trip to Belton (about 40 min away) and see a ton of fun lights! I'll miss it... sniff...

    1. Aww, I'm sure PHX will have something just as nice!!