Monday, December 9, 2013

Now What

Friday I promised you a full recap of Saturday's St. Jude Half Marathon.

Well, it's kinda hard to recap what didn't happen.

I hope I didn't jinx us by referring to Mother Nature's wrath on Friday, but just as I had been praying against all week long, she reared her ugly head and the race organizers cancelled the race early Friday night.


#sadtrombone really doesn't come close.  This WAS my big PR race.  I had been working so hard and now I wasn't even going to get to show what I was capable of.  Let me put out there that I completely understand why they cancelled - there were trees down along the race route, and even more importantly, about 30% of the volunteers and 15% of the medical staff had backed out due to the weather.  The finish line at AutoZone Park was also a sheet of ice.  So while the rest of the roads were really not that bad, when you throw in everything else, canceling was the best decision.  I know this couldn't be easy - this race is St. Jude's major money-maker every year; and for that alone I can guarantee you I will be back next year.  In the meantime, the race organizers have graciously offered to apply our registration fees towards another race, in addition to giving us priority registration for next year's race.


It looks like I am gonna attempt my big PR race in the Big Easy in February!!  Yes, Rock n' Roll New Orleans, I'm looking at you!!  This race is one that St. Jude has offered us and I hear it's a great one!  I have also heard it is pretty flat, which is another big plus!!  I will be training for NOLA and the Glass Slipper Challenge at the same time, so I plan to revive my Hal Higdon's plan and try to marry it somehow with Galloway's Glass Slipper program.  Which means I am gonna be logging some serious miles between now and February!!  

I haven't been to NOLA in YEARS; this is gonna be awesome!!!

QOTD:  Anyone else planning to run the RNRNOLA??