Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fred's Excellent Adventure

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf at your house?

We have Fred the Elf at the Smith house.  Fred has been our elf for several years now and it's always fun to see what antics he has planned each Christmas season.  I captured some of his adventures for you this year and wanted to share.

Fred likes PopTarts apparently

And playing with Legos

For the record, Fred cleans up after himself like a good little elf

He also went fishing in our dining room

For Tootsie Rolls of all things - looks like he ate a few in the process

Uh oh - Fred got into the toilet paper!

AND proceeded to roll the dining room...

I mean, the whole thing.

Fred, you are a messy elf this year!

Fred left a note for the girls this year, reminding them to be good.

And he drank my coffee!!!  You rascal!!!

Fred likes treats; he helped himself to Sam's gingerbread house.

And one final note from him this morning - see ya next year Fred!!!

And from us at The Smith Summary -


  1. So cute....our elfe Eleesa is pain sometimes but we sure love her

    1. Yup - sometimes keeping up with Fred's shenanigans can be fretful but so worth it :)