Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Recap Part 3

Alrighty, where were we...

Saturday morning, yes!

Tania, Bonnie, and I all scored one-day park tickets as part of our charity registration and the thought of letting them go unused just seemed like blasphemy - SO, against our better judgement, we got up to hit rope drop at Hollywood Studios Saturday morning.  They were having Extra Magic Hours and opened at 8am, and we were hoping to get on Toy Story Mania before the line got too cray.

And I have to share a little secret with you guys - would you believe I got up, got ready, rode the bus to Hollywood Studios, walked to Toy Story Mania, stood in line for about 35 minutes, AND finally rode the ride all without a SINGLE cup of coffee???

True story.

I think it was the Disney magic that kept me energized.

Speaking of Disney magic, have you ever seen this guy??

The only time I have ridden Toy Story Mania at Disney World we had Fast Passes so I have never stood in the queue - this guy is interactive!  Totally awesome.

Needless to say, after fulfilling our mission of riding Toy Story I needed coffee, so we headed to Starring Rolls where I enjoyed a delish blueberry muffin (carb-loading time my friends!), and snagged a bagel to eat that night.  I also might have snagged a Butterfinger Cupcake that we all shared...

And I know you are looking for the picture evidence but it doesn't exist because we ate it.  We also split a Carrot Cake Cookie from the Writer's Stop.  Don't judge.

Future Disney Moms Panelist Tania told Bonnie and I about the Animation Academy inside The Magic of Disney Animation and we decided that we would head over after breakfast and join the next class!  

We passed Sofia greeting friends outside of Disney Junior Live on Stage and if her line had not been miles long I would have gotten in it because my girls LOVE Sofia.  

They take approximately 50 people in each Animation Academy class and the three of us were lucky enough to snag seats in the 9:30 class.  

Each session is led by a Disney artist who directs you in drawing your very own Disney character sketch!  For this session we drew Sorcerer Mickey.

The finished product - I think my Sorcerer Mickey needs to go on a diet...or maybe he should runDisney like the rest of us, eh??

Since we were already in the same building we stopped for the character Meet and Greet with Minnie Mouse - her line was insanely short!

Aww, she gave me a hug!  Morgan would DIE.

Me, Minnie, Tania, and Bonnie

We had lunch ressies with the other DisBroads at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian resort at 12:30 so we knew our park time was coming to an end soon but we still managed to squeeze in a little souvenir shopping and some more picture stops before we headed to the bus.

We even got to see part of the set up for the Osborn Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights that we would be running through that night!  Spoiler alert - these are AWESOME!  But more on that later...

He had made me stand at attention.  Remind me to tell you guys how the army men scared the jeepers out of Samantha on our vacation last year...

Bye Hollywood Studios, see you tonight!!

We hit the bus to the Polynesian and got to the Kona Cafe right on time to meet up with the other broads for a tasty lunch.

DisBroad Amy's mom, DisBroad Amy, DisBroad April, me, DisBroad Suzanne, and DisBroad Julie
(photo courtesy of Amy)

You like my shirt?  You can thank the folks at Sparkle Athletic for that one :)

After my experience at the Women's Half in Nashville I previewed the menu for Kona to pick in advance what I would get to eat that day, and I had my eyes set on the Pan Asian noodles with chicken.  Seemed pretty safe, right?  Well, after speaking with DisBroad April about the sushi (she eats it before every race) I decided to give it a try and it ended up being an EXCELLENT choice!  Not only was it tasty, but I wasn't overfull, which was good because I knew I'd want to eat some small snacks for the remainder of the day to fuel for the evening's race.  I opted for the California Luau Roll, your traditional California roll with crab (no fake stuff here, it was YUM!), cucumber and avocado but this one had a touch of pineapple that I LOVED.  

This stuff was so good, and reasonably priced too.  We have eaten at Kona Cafe for breakfast before but this was my first lunch experience there and I have to say that we will be back!  Although I wish they'd work on the speediness of their service before we do because we didn't end up leaving the restaurant until 2pm...


After a quick monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom we found ourselves on the bus back to POFQ so we could begin resting up for the race!  Sounds like we had a busy morning, doesn't it?  Well, we probably overdid it a bit in retrospect but I still had a blast doing it!  

Next up:  my Wine and Dine Half Marathon race recap!!!

QOTD:  Have you ever taken a class at Animation Academy?  What character did you draw??


  1. I'm still glad we did DHS even if our legs were a tiny tired! We didn't go crazy. Plus I'm convinced that the Butterfinger Cupcake and the Carrot Cake cookie were essential to our race needs! And thanks for calling me a future Disney Parks Moms Panelist :)

  2. Awesome day of! Sorry we missed yall at DHS though!

  3. I am definitely hanging out with you guys more next time. I like snackers. :)

    1. I love a good snack; you are welcome anytime!!!

  4. Such a fun way to spend the morning though. Those cupcakes from starring rolls were huge, very wise to share. :)

    1. Ah yes, but they are REALLY good when you get one all to yourself, aren't they?? ;)

    2. Ha! Yes, messy but good! I didn't finish it though ;)

  5. That cookie was so delicious. I can't wait to have one in February! So fun hanging out with you ladies at DHS!

    1. Mmmm....I don't know if I'll make it into HS in February, you might have to snag one for me!! :)