Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Saturday night it was time for us to celebrate Samantha's birthday with all her closest friends and family!  

The birthday girl begged for months asked if she could have her party at Memphis Point Gymnastics.  What mom would say no to a place that would do all the work for me??  Sign us up.

When we arrived on Saturday they had the party room all decorated in Samantha's favorite colors, pink and purple.

Before all her friends arrived, Samantha and Morgan took advantage of the "open gym" and played around.

One by one Samantha's friends arrived and for the next hour the kids played until their hearts were content.  This momma didn't have to do anything but sit back and watch the fun.  AND maybe have a little fun of my own.

It's blurry but yes, that's me, getting my air splits on thanks to the trampoline!

After an hour of play the kids were all ushered upstairs (much to their dismay) for pizza and cupcakes.  Again, thanks to MPG for providing all the paper products and drinks, it really made the party hassle free for mom and dad!

#momfail - I forgot a candle for Samantha's cupcake!  We did that on her real birthday so it just completely slipped my mind.  We still sang though!

I think all the kids had a blast and I know the two Smith children in attendance slept REALLY well that night.  I'm so thankful for places like MPG that do a lot of the work for you - taking the hassle out of the birthday party allowed us to enjoy it even more!

QOTD:  Do you prefer to do all the work for a birthday party or let someone else take care of it?