Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fun With RoseArt Magic Fun Dough

This post is sponsored by RoseArt Magic Fun Dough.  All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

Did you play with colored dough as a kid?  It seem like it has been around for ages - 53 years to be exact (yes, I looked that up.  Thanks Google) - and I remember playing with it as a kid.  Heck, it must be super awesome if it makes your kid's kindergarten school supply list, right?

Well, RoseArt has made over colored dough with their all new Magic Fun Dough!  My girls recently got to try the Tea Party and Princess Sets when we hosted a fun Magic Fun Dough tea party!

No party is complete without decorations :)

Or snacks - these yummy chocolate meringue cookies were a hit!  I think I ate more than the girls did...

A day off school meant we could invite some friends over to try out our kits; unfortunately one friend couldn't make it at the last minute so Samantha invited Morgan to the party instead :)  And Morgan's bear, of course.

Samantha, Bear, and Morgan - she was so excited to join the party!

RoseArt Magic Fun Dough is more than just your typical colored dough - it's the dough with more ways to play!  It's perfect for kids age 3 and up and comes in 6 unique themes:  Fairy Tea Party, Princess and Ponies, and Pet Shop for the girls, and Volcano Valley, Pirate Cove, and Barnyard for the boys.

The dough is non-toxic and made from a corn-based, wheat-free dough and is a good resource for strengthening little hands to prepare them to use pencils and scissors.  It has a milder scent compared to other colored doughs on the market.  Each kit also comes with full-color transfers (think temporary tattos) that you can apply to the dough without changing the color or texture of it, but is easily removed by smashing the art back into the dough so it can be used over and over again.  There are little plastic stands (think paper doll stands here) that you can attach your decorated fun dough to to play with your characters and spark your children's imagination!  I couldn't wait to see my kids play with it!

The kits are really easy to use:
1. Roll out the dough with the included roller
2. Choose a full color transfer
3. Peel back the plastic film, and place the image side down on the dough
4. Roll over the back of the transfer with the “Magic” water pen thoroughly 

5. Pat the transfer with the square shaped blotter for about 45 seconds (this gives preschoolers the opportunity to practice patience)
6. Peel back the paper to reveal the character you’ve just created
7. Use the included shaped cutters to finish your dough creation
8. Add the dough project to a plastic stand to let dry (over a couple of days) or play with in the dough play environment (the toy part)
 If you want to try more transfers, just squish the dough back up and start again. The color on the transfer will not change the color or texture of the dough!

Here is a video:

Pretty awesome, huh?  

Dad helped the girls with the kits while I documented for posterity, and his only complaint was that the dough extruder broke while he was trying to use it, and the tea pot wasn't very easy to clean.  We also couldn't get the color transfers to come out on the dough but my overall my girls still had fun playing with each kit!  The kits get The Smith Summary seal of approval :)  

I know what you're thinking - Kristen, this stuff probably costs a fortune, right?  And that's what I thought too - but I was wrong!  All of the kits are priced at $20 or under, and there is also a dough accessory kit you can get for $4.  This is an ideal holiday gift for any kid on Santa's nice list!  All RoseArt products are typically located with the craft kits and art supplies in stores like Target and WalMart.  RoseArt Magic Fun Dough is also available online at Amazon.  I have a feeling that the Pet Shop kit will be under our tree on Christmas morning... ;)

Did you know that RoseArt is on Facebook?  They are 90 this year and are celebrating with a sweepstakes on Facebook - each week participating fans will be selected to win gift cards and prize packs, as well as a $1000 Visa gift card to help with that holiday spending!  Head over today and enter to win - the sweepstakes ends on 12/21/13.

QOTD:  What do you think of RoseArt Magic Fun Dough?


  1. Looks great! Will definitely have to check out the volcano set for my guys!

  2. My girls would loooove this! I always have to decline their play doh requests because I don't like the way it smells. I'll have to check this out!

    1. I thought you might like this - and the price too, with your new house and all ;)

  3. So cute! My girls would go gaga over this- thanks for the recommendation! Putting it on the Christmas list!

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  5. This will be great for our "toned down" (read as thrifty) Christmas this year. ;) I always loved Play Dough as a kid, but the kits can get quite pricy!

    1. Right? I was pleasantly surprised how inexpensive these kits were!

  6. Adorable! What a fun activity! The kits are so cute!

    1. Thanks ladies, they really are cute! My girls were just playing with them again last night.