Monday, November 4, 2013

A Minnie Celebration

Saturday we celebrated Morgan's 2nd birthday with a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party!  She had such a great time - and I made sure to chronicle the occasion with a bunch of pics to share with you!!!

Minnie Mouse cupcakes, courtesy of Busy Beaver Cupcakes - they were DELISH!

The spread, complete with flowers

Up close look at the flowers and cupcakes

More cupcakes!

The birthday banner - couldn't get a really good pic of it because of the sunlight - it says "Happy 2nd Birthday"

Kitchen decorations - plastic table cloth on so the birthday girl could enjoy her cupcake

More decorations

Her haul - this girl made out like a bandit!!!

The birthday girl, complete in her Minnie Mouse pullover

The birthday cupcake

Highlight of the day = the big grin she got when we sang Happy Birthday to her

Blowing out her candle, with Daddy's help

Why did we buy gifts??  This kid loved her Minnie Mouse balloon most of all!

Playing with the Octopod - the kid loves the Octonauts!!

Overall a wonderful celebration!  And mom and dad get a week off before we have to do it again :)

QOTD:  Do you have small family affairs or big events for birthday parties??  Morgan's was a more low-key family event; Samantha's party, on the other hand, will be a bigger celebration with 20+ of her closest friends ;)


  1. And lucky Aunt Lori didn't make any of the photos unlike Uncle Michael!! hehe... Miss Morgan did have a great day!!!

    1. LOL - of course she did! She was in her element ;)

  2. WE are more low key with birthdays. Last year we went to Disney for Mini me's festivities. Cute cupcakes!

    1. haha, I love how going to Disney is low key ;) Maybe someday I'll take the girls to Disney for their birthday!

  3. Love Minnie Mouse! We like to make a big deal out of birthdays!

    1. Your Minnie Mouse party earlier this year inspired me :)