Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Why is it that weekends always seem so short???


Another busy weekend at the Smith house!  So much to tell you about so I thought a quick weekend recap would do the trick!!

Arlington 5K
It was FREEZING but I was happy to be able to join in on this event!  My "goal" was to run an easy 5K since it was technically my rest day and I am pleased to report that I finished in 31:34; by my Garmin the course was only 3.06 miles and I tried to run the tangets pretty closely but I'm still very pleased with the finish!  All in all it was a good run for a great cause :)

Since Morgan has been sick I stayed at home with her instead of taking her out in the cold for Samantha's soccer game.  I am pleased to report though that my soccer star scored another goal at this week's game!  So proud of her!!!

We also spent the day Saturday clearing out leftover baby things.  I can't believe that between having two children we have so much stuff that we will never need anymore; kinda sad to watch some of that stuff go, but at least I know these things are going to good people that need them.

Saturday night we enjoyed another family movie night and got to watch a sneak peek of a new Garfield cartoon called "The Garfield Show:  A Purr-fect Life"; you guys remember Garfield, right?  He's back and coming to DVD and I will have a full review for you on the blog later on this week, so stay tuned!

10K at race pace
I'll be honest, I had a hard time waking up yesterday morning but I knew I had to get this run done.  And MAN, did I get it done!  Check this out:

Yup, that happened.  I still cannot believe it.  My goal was to finish in 1:03:08 and I smoked it.  I have had times since I made the decision to switch gears and focus on speed that I've questioned my decision not to run the St. Jude full (i.e. this weekend as I watched a bunch of my running friends conquer the Marine Corps Marathon) but after this run I know I have made the right decision.  Speaking of St. Jude, look what I got!!

OH yeah.  It's coming folks!!!

We finished the day Sunday with our usual chores and then took the girls to the pumpkin patch; Morgan is officially OBSESSED with pumpkins and I'm glad to report that both girls had a blast!!!

Glad we had the chance to get a little family fun in this weekend because the next three weekends are going to be a whirlwind!  Buckle your safety belts, it's gonna be a fun ride!!!

QOTD:  Do you have your Halloween pumpkin ready for Thursday??  Owen carved ours last night - I'll post pics later this week!


  1. Hi Kristen, so happy to have found your page!! That is a fantastic pace!! Loving the new St. Jude hero shirts, mine has not arrived yet so I'm like a kid checking my mailbox everyday. Are you still doing the race, just not the full?

    Hope you have a great week, and thank you so much for your support at Girls Run the 901!!! Can't tell you how much we appreciate it!

    1. Hi Debi!! Welcome to my little blog :) Yes, I am going to do the half instead of the full for St. Jude - I just need more work I think before I attempt a full again. But still doing it as a hero! I hope you get your singlet soon; they are AWESOME!

      Glad to support my local girls!!!