Monday, October 21, 2013

Old Meets New

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I remember when I was a little girl playing with Fisher Price Little People.  I had the house, with the mommy, daddy, and baby.  I'm sure they were pretty worn when we finally got rid of them because I loved those things and played with them constantly.

Fast forward to the present - I now have my own children and did you know that those Little People are still around??  Samantha and Morgan have the school bus and the airplane, and of course a set of Disney Princess Little People that Santa brought Morgan last year.  I just love watching my kids play with and enjoy the same toys I loved when I was their age.

Enter the technology age - smart phones and tablets are all the rage and they make apps for literally everything to go on each one.  Samantha and Morgan like to play on mommy's iPad but I honestly don't have many apps on it for them because A - it's mine and I'd like to get to use it from time to time, and B - the kid-friendly apps tend to be a little costly.  Plus, I'd rather them do something like read a book rather than play a game on my iPad.

That was, until I had the opportunity to try a new app from Fisher Price called Little People Flower Power.

Old truly does meet new with this app.  It's an interactive storybook, which I love because it works for both of my kids.  The "read to me" version was just right for Morgan.  It is narrated by Genevieve Goings from Disney Junior's "Choo Choo Soul" (which my kids LOVE), but even though it is narrated you still have to click on items in the story to make it progress.  I liked how the designers made something sparkle to capture a child's attention so they would press on that button to go to the next page of the book.  The "read it myself" version is perfect for Samantha since she is already learning how to read in kindergarten; sitting with them both and watching them use this app I could see the benefit each was getting even though they are on completely different education levels.

And the story line is precious and, of course, teaches a good story.  It's Mia's first day at the Little People Place preschool and she's a little shy, so Miss Hugg (also voiced by Genevieve), Eddie, Sofie, Tessa, and Koby all try to make her feel at home.  Since the story is interactive there are different options your child can choose from to make the story unique each time.  For example, at the beginning Miss Hugg tells Mia that she knows Mia likes to collect things and asks her what she likes to collect - three pictures pop up for your child to choose from and depending on what they chose the story line is a bit different.  I like how it's not the same story over and over - it kept the girls' interests through reading it several times!

I really enjoyed this app and it got Samantha's and Morgan's seals of approval :)  If you'd like to try it out at your house, it will be available on the iTunes App store beginning tomorrow, October 22nd!  The normal price for this app will be $3.99 (a steal compared to other kid-friendly apps available!) - BUT - tomorrow ONLY it will be on sale for 99 cents, so get it while it's hot!!!

QOTD:  Do you have any kid-friendly apps on your smartphone or tablet?


  1. LOVE the little people...Mini Me still plays with the stuff. The app looks awesome, I have a friend whose daughter is addicted to the DVDs so I need to share this with her! Thanks.

    1. Who am I kidding - I still play with it ;) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Sounds cute! .99 I can handle!

  3. It sounds fun! Riley needs some reading app right now he likes to play Where's My Mickey and show me Goofy burping over and over again. . . yeah I'm so glad to have a boy ;)

    1. HAHA - I love it! Maybe you could get him this one to distract him for a bit :)