Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day In the Life

I got inspired by Jenn after reading a few of her "Day In the Life" posts and thought - hey, why not?

This is just a snap shot of how my day went yesterday, for your reading enjoyment.

5:30am:  My alarm goes off.  I really don't need to get up yet but I know I will snooze it a few times so I set it early on Sunday night before I went to bed.

5:40am:  My alarm goes off again.

5:50am:  And again.

6:00am:  And again.

I think you guys get the drift.  For the record, I didn't always use to be this bad at waking up; I think the hubs is rubbing off on me...I digress.

6:15am:  By some miracle Samantha gets up when her alarm goes off and appears in my face wanting breakfast.  I turn my alarm off for good and head to the kitchen where she selects a pumpkin Eggo waffle (really good by the way, you should try them!) and I make myself a cup of coffee.  We go make a first round effort to wake up the hubs.

6:30am:  I send Samantha upstairs to get dressed and brush her teeth.  I make a second round at trying to wake up Owen (told ya I get it from him).  In the meantime I brush my hair, pick out clothes for myself and put my contacts in.  I then return to the kitchen to put Samantha's lunch in her lunch box that I made the night before.

6:40am:  Samantha reappears ready for school.  I brush her hair and let her watch a few minutes of TV before the bus comes.  I make yet another effort to get Owen up.  I let the dogs outside and listen as Molly starts scratching at the door less than 5 minutes later to come back in.

7:00am:  I am dressed and Owen is still in bed.  I finally get him up when I remind him Samantha has to leave for the bus stop in 5 minutes.  I finish my coffee as I watch him scramble to get ready and head out to the bus stop with her.  I finish getting myself presentable enough to go to the school and then I go wake up Miss Morgan.

7:15am:  I fight Morgan for a good 10 minutes to get dressed.  For some reason she is on some mission to go to school naked every day so getting dressed is a struggle.

7:25am:  Owen reappears from the bus stop and holds Morgan while I put her pants on.  I give them both kisses and they head out the door, handing him a cereal bar for her to eat in the car.

7:30am:  I make myself a quick protein shake to have for breakfast and feed both dogs and put Sunnie in her kennel.  I am supposed to be at Samantha's school at 7:30am to help decorate the classroom door for Red Ribbon Week; obviously, I am running late.

7:35am:  I talk to my mom en route to the school.  Sometimes this is my only chance to speak to her during the day; I like our early morning chats, even if they are super quick.

7:45am:  I arrive at the school and join my fellow room moms in decorating the door for Red Ribbon Week.  Turned out really cute, don't you think?

9:00am:  I arrive back at home, start a load of laundry, and get my workout in for the day - 30 minutes of strength training (I focused on legs and arms) followed by some stretching.  I hop in the shower shortly thereafter.

10:30am:  My work phone rings with someone calling out for the day.  I shoot off a quick message to work about the absence and resume getting myself ready to head to the office.

10:45am:  I fluff and fold a load of laundry and put the new load from this morning in the dryer.  I make a quick decision that the vacuuming will have to wait for another time because I know my work calendar is full and I need to be on time today.

11:10am:  I grab my stuff and head for the office.  I have been trying to catch up on podcast episodes while I am in the car - this morning was the Mickey Miles Podcast, one of my favs.

11:30am:  I arrive at work and begin my shift.

Fast forward through work because let's be honest - you guys don't want to hear all that stuff anyways.

8:00pm:  We finish filling all patient orders for the night and I am SUPPOSED to get off but I have to finish up the nightly report before I leave so...

8:20pm:  I walk to my car, calling Owen to let him know I am on my way home.  He informs me that the girls each ate 2 slices of pizza for dinner and that Samantha attempted to do her homework without his help and messed it up - I make a mental note to ask her teacher for a new copy of the sheet so we can work on it Tuesday.  I put the Mickey Miles Podcast back on to finish up on my way home.

8:45pm:  I pull into my driveway and grab the day's mail.  I am greeted at the door by two precious girls who have had their baths and are in pajamas.  I quickly put my stuff down, put Samantha's dance stuff away and check her school folder to see her conduct grade for the day.  Smiley face = yes!!

9:00pm:  We divide and conquer bedtime - Owen takes Morgan and I take Samantha.  She gets a library book each Thursday and that's pretty much what we read every night until she gets a new one the next week.  This week is "Morris the Artist" by Lore Segal.

9:25pm:  Lights out in Samantha's room, a little later than I'd like.  I satisfy my social media addiction and begin typing this post.

10:10pm:  I drag myself away from the computer and come downstairs.  I speak with Owen for a few minutes then proceed to make mine and Samantha's lunches for the next day.  While I am doing that I treat myself to a few Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses (which are really yummy by the way).  I then address invitations for Samantha's birthday party to send with her to school tomorrow.  And lastly I change the sheets on our bed since I did not do that Sunday.

11:10pm:  I begin getting ready for bed.  Amidst my bedtime routine I decide to remove my nail polish since it is chipping, so after I brush my teeth I get out the nail polish and clear coat and make my nails look better.

11:30pm:  I climb in bed and finish this post on the iPad.  Maybe I'll read a few blogs before I pass out.  Or maybe not - my alarm is set for 5:15 tomorrow morning :)

For the record, I only work late on Monday nights so this day is not really our norm, but it IS our life, and as crazy and hectic as it sounds, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

QOTD:  Now do you understand why I drink so much coffee?? ;)  What is your favorite coffee drink?


  1. Right now it's Pumpkin Spice or Salted Caramel Mocha. Yum.

    I totally get the coffee thing. Sometimes it's a bit of a necessity.

    1. #truth I know I've got a coffee buddy for Wine and Dine weekend!!! ;)

  2. awesome post! I always love reading day in the life posts from other people, especially those that have similar lives to me!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Caroline, I love catching up on you guys too :)