Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tales of the Room Mom - Boosterthon Fun Run

Last Friday Samantha's school participated in the Boosterthon Fun Run to raise money for their school.  I was off that day and so happy that I got to attend the event.  Watching all the kids run was TOO cute!

They called each class out one by one - they all ran and cheered, they were so excited!

Getting ready to run!

You could pledge either a set amount or per lap that the child ran with a max of 35 laps.  The weather was cooler that morning and I only wish I could've joined them!

There she goes!

More action shots - she was all smiles the whole time!

So proud of my little runner!!!

Me and my girl after the run

As the kids completed each lap, they ran by their "coach" (teacher), who marked off each lap on the back of their shirt.

All 35 laps - that's my girl!!!

I think this was a really great event; not only was it an easy way to raise funds for the school, but the kids really got to be involved and do something good for them!  I can't wait for them to do it again next year!

And of course, with all that running, someone worked up a hearty appetite:

My lunch date!

QOTD:  What is the coolest fundraiser your child has ever done for their school?


  1. She's such a cutie! What a great idea for a fundraiser!

    1. Thanks! I bet your girls will get to do one of these too, I think they are pretty popular!

  2. So cute! Our Trot a thon is this week.