Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When in Disneyland...

Do what the Disneyland addicts do!


Breaking news - Kristen is a Disney addict.

Ok, maybe not so breaking news, especially if you're not new around here.

I am in the process of finalizing my "to do" list for our trip to Disneyland next week for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!  The Smiths know our way around the "world" (AKA Disney World in Florida) but I have never set foot in California before so I'm a "land" newbie.

I have read dozens of trip reviews and tips from folks that know the "land" like the back of their hand and I have come up with this Disneyland To Do List but I'm looking for your input - so - help a sista out!  If I'm missing something, drop me a note in the comments!  This might be my only time to experience Disneyland so help me make it count!

As a reminder, I am childless for this trip so adult-centered activities are also welcomed.  And feel free to leave me tips on your favorite eateries too; as of right now we have reservations at  Blue Bayou and Napa Rose so I'm open to other tasty suggestions :)

Disneyland To Do List (in no particular order of importance)
1.  Watch Fireworks Spectacular
2.  Fantasmic
3.  Radiator Springs Racers
4.  World of Color

Yup - I realize this list is pretty short.  That's why I need your help!!!  So "don't be late" and send me your suggestions today!!!

QOTD:  Uhm, did you see the above request?? :)


  1. Indiana Jones ride is a must! The Pirates o the Carrbean is longer and better than WDW AND also IASM is better too....look for the Disney characters! Ride all the stuff NOT at WDW like Snow White, Materhorn, Mr Toad AND finally the Teacups....oh they are just so magical in the DL setting, its really pretty! So jealous! Enjoy.

  2. oooh - I can't wait to see what else you come up with! I will be new to DL when I run Tink, so excited to cover new territory but not feeling my usual level of Disney comfort!

  3. I see World of Color is on your list, that's a must. :) If you're a Sleeping Beauty fan don't forget to do the walk through of the castle and of course ride Radiator Springs Racers at DCA. See you there!

    1. Castle walk through - got it! Thanks Elizabeth, see you soon!!!

  4. There's so much to do! How many days will you be in the parks? Definitely do yourself a favor and get up early to be there at rope drop at DCA one of the days so that you can either get right on Radiator Springs or get a fastpass. You do not want to miss that ride. It's fabulous. Other than that just make sure to do everything you can at Disneyland that they don't have in Florida. Things that come to mind: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Indiana Jones, the Matterhorn, walk thru Sleeping Beauty Castle, Mr. Toad's. Also make sure to hit Space Mountain because it's better in California. Pirates is better too. Splash Mountain is pretty similar so you could skip that one if you're worried about time. You must see Fantasmic on the Rivers of America and make sure to spend a little time in New Orleans Square. It's one of my favorite areas and I much prefer to the World's Liberty Square. As far as DCA goes: Tower of Terror is a little different. I wouldn't say it's better or worse, just different, so if you want to see what's different about it I'd check that out. You must see World of Color. It's pretty special to go on Soarin' Over California here because even though it's the same ride as in Florida, you'll have a special appreciation for it being IN California. The Mad T Party is really fun. Also California Screamin' is a great rollercoaster. My favorite place to grab quick and easy lunch is at Pacific Wharf. I get a soup or salad in a bread bowl. Delish! That's all I can think of for now :) Have fun!

    1. Wow - thanks for all of these tips, I'm adding them to my list!!!

  5. It's my first trip as well...so I'm not much help, but Stacy has been and wrote this to compare the two:


    Can't wait! We're almost there!!!

    1. You know, several people have tried to tell us we won't like the land as much as the world but I'm glad to see Stacy's view on it - I'm sure ours will be very similar!!! I sure hope this time next week I am in line for a Radiator Springs Racer Fastpass :)