Monday, August 5, 2013

Samantha Graduates from Pre-K

Well, aside from this coming Wednesday, Friday was one of the hardest days these past two weeks - Samantha's pre-K graduation.  I took the day off work so that I could enjoy the program with her and then take her shopping for school clothes afterwards.  She was very excited that her mom and dad could make it but also my mom and stepdad were able to come as well!

The kids all made tie-dyed shirts last week and each child and teacher signed them; I thought this was a cute way to have something to remember her classmates!  They all wore them during the program.

Ms. Jean welcoming everyone to the program

Singing a song

Shaking hands with Ms. Jean then getting her diploma from Ms. Ladaria.  When she stepped forward for her diploma they announced where she was going to kindergarten and what she wanted to be when she grew up - a doctor.  That's my girl.

The pre-K graduate!!  Yes, for the record, I teared up here.  But you knew that was coming.

The whole class cheered!  I bet if they had been in caps and gowns the hats would have been flying :)

BFFs!  It's so sad because these girls have all been together for several years.  Luckily, one of them is in her kindergarten class this year so she will already have a buddy.

MeeMee and Grandaddy David gave her a book - The Night Before Kindergarten.

Samantha with her teachers

After the program we celebrated with pizza, veggies, fruit, and cupcakes!

All the kids shared a picnic on the circle time mat

The cutest pre-K graduate on the planet!!!

After the program I told Samantha we could go buy her a few new outfits for school.  I gave her the choice of where to go and - shocker - she wanted to go to Justice.  She has been there before but this was mommy's first trip.
Outside of Justice

Uhm, can you say glitter/sparkle overload in that place!!!!!  No wonder she wanted to go shopping there.  Their prices leave much to be desired but they were running a 40% off sale PLUS an additional 20% AND everything we bought came from the clearance rack.  I managed to buy her 3 new outfits for $45.  Not bad momma.

After our shopping spree I took my helper to the grocery store but we had to make a pit stop for some fro yo.
Mommy/daughter fro yo moment

Overall I managed to hold it together pretty well at the graduation; I was proud of myself.  And I couldn't be more proud of her.  I'm sure kindergarten will be an exciting adventure!!

QOTD:  Do you celebrate special occassions with fro yo??


  1. So cute.

    Little man's class did the tie-dye shirts for their class field day before graduation. It was the cutest thing. They did have caps and gowns and it was hard to keep the tears back. Congratulations to your cutie!

    It's kind of a hike to get fro-yo, so we will sometimes go to Dairy Queen, which is far closer.

    1. Hey - I'll take a Dairy Queen too!!! YUMMY :)