Friday, August 2, 2013

Dumbo Double Dare Training: Week 14

Happy August!  I am so excited that I can officially say I am running the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland THIS month!!!!!  I've waited a long time to say that :)

Life is certainly getting hectic around here but I am still managing to get my training in.  Here's a look at this week:

The countdown isn't showing up in my picture but it's 27 days folks!!!

Dumbo Double Dare Training:  Week 14

Tuesday:  45 minute 30 minute run - 2.8 miles at 10:42 pace.
  School registration was this morning so I had to cut my run short.  I still got it in though and that's what's important.

Thursday:  45 minute run - 4.22 miles at 10:39 pace.  This was a much better run and it was much  needed with all the excitement and stress of the week.

Saturday:  4 mile walk.  I'll be doing this early tomorrow morning!

Sunday:  12.5 mile run.  Anxious yet excited for this run.  It's been awhile since I've gone this distance but I know I can do it.  I am planning to take a new route to change things up a bit and keep it more interesting.

On Monday I did my usual elliptical workout plus upper body strength training before taking Samantha to the kindergarten meet-up.  Wednesday ended up being a rest day because life just got in the way - and that's ok.  I know with the distance I am covering this weekend my body could use extra rest.  Today, again, is a rest day because quite frankly I have too much to do, namely pre-K graduation :)  But I will more than make up for it this weekend.

The 30 day ab challenge is over so I'll have to remember to reincorporate ab work into my weekly routine; I'll get back to more strength training next week - at least I hope.  Next week is looking like a doozy too....we'll see how that goes.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

QOTD:  Do you have to switch up your running schedule when school starts?  This is something I am having to consider for next week since I don't really know how it's going to go.


  1. School schedules definitely change things around here! Being a teacher and having to also get two young children ready for school means that I'm up at 4:45 on school days to get my workout in!

    1. Yikes, that's early. I guess I need to get used to that though because realistically that's the best time to do it.

  2. Your training is going great! I'm nervous about school starting because I don't want it to impact my training. Things have gone so well this summer. I'm planning on running after school with some teachers I work with. Hopefully it'll work out perfectly!