Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Samantha Registers for Kindergarten

Well, here it is.  I woke up yesterday morning and my stomach was in knots - this is the day for kindergarten registration.  It was a good thing I got a run in before all the craziness started - I think I really needed that yesterday!  After my run and a quick breakfast Samantha and I headed off to her new school.

Donelson Elementary - Home of the Bulldogs!

We got there and Samantha could NOT wait to go inside.  She got mad when I made her stop at the doors for another picture (she knows mommy takes pictures of everything these days, I think she's getting used to it).
All smiles!

First stop was the front lobby where we had to provide proof of residency, her birth certificate, and proof of immunizations and a recent health exam - check, check, and check.  I really liked this mural in the front lobby, and also thought it was neat that the principal of the school was the first person they saw when they walked in.
Mrs. Davidson introduced herself to all the kids

Kindergarteners registered in the library; I know now that was because you had a mountain of paperwork to fill out and we needed a bunch of table space.

This was just the beginning.  My hand was killing me when we got done.

After filling out that first mountain of paperwork we stopped and got school bus information, since Samantha will be riding the school bus every morning.  We also stopped and registered for after school care, since she will go there after school each day.  Yeah, that was another mountain of paperwork...  I was glad to hear that they will be given a snack and time to do their homework at after school care; one of my big worries was that we'd get home late and be up late trying to finish her homework for the day.  Hopefully she'll get the bulk of it done at after school care and then we can finish up and do any studying after dinner at home.  I realize that her going to school is going to mandate we make some changes to our usual schedule - more to come on those on another post...

With after school care taken care of we headed to the cafeteria to buy a few school supplies that had to come from the school bookstore, and I let Samantha buy a school spirit shirt.  Her first one....sniff sniff!!!  She is so excited to be a bulldog, how could I not let her have a spirit shirt???  I also attended to a parental responsibility and signed up for the PTA.  As a working parent I felt that being involved with the PTA would ensure me that I always know what's going on and I can help with school functions whenever I am able.  It's a small price for a large part of my child's education.  And the ladies at the PTA sign-up were extremely nice and told Samantha she gets to go to the PTA's sock hop on August 30th, which she was extremely excited about!!

With all this work done we headed to the car so I could take Samantha to school - it took us almost two full hours to get all that done!!!  WHEW - good thing kindergarten only happens once.  Oh wait, we'll be doing this again in 4 years for Morgan....DOH!!!

On my way to work I felt this was in order:

OH yeah

Kindergarteners have a staggered start the first week, meaning that they will only come to school for one full day to help them get acclimated.  Her teacher will call me by the end of the week to let us know which class she is in and tell us which day she will go next week.  I am anxious to find out who her teacher will be and find out which day she will go to school.  This is getting more real by the day folks!!!

QOTD:  Do you turn to coffee when you are stressed out???


  1. Definitely a well deserved treat!!

    We registered B a few weeks ago, he goes back today for his screening (they use it to split the kids into classes) and then orientation is 8/12 and his first day is 8/14. I'm going to be a sobbing mess that day.

    How did they grow up so fast!?

    1. I have a feeling Samantha's first day will be Tuesday - I should probably just forego makeup altogether that morning....