Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pay It Forward

Here at The Smith Summary I love to share any deals I come across that I believe are too good to pass up.  And today I have one to share with you!

Remember when I told you about how much I loved Kindrunner's Custom Fit process and how I was looking forward to trying my new Saucony Guides??  If you don't remember, click here to refresh your memory :)  Well, my new shoes came just TWO days after I ordered them and I took them for our first run the following day.  Unfortunately Saucony has stopped making the pretty pink color I wanted so I opted for a pretty blue pair with coral and I am in love with them!!!  And I was also surprised to find I had qualified for their free socks for life incentive.  Double bonus!

Aren't they pretty???!!!  LOVED the socks too!

On Monday after we returned from Nashville I reused the box from Kindrunner and packed up an old pair of Mizunos, put the shipping label on them that Kindrunner provided to me in my box, and dropped the box at my local UPS.  Within hours I received an email confirming my account had been credited with $10 Kindness cash to use towards my next purchase.  How awesome is that??  I can use the Kindness cash towards any future purchase.

Now here's the fun part.  
For the next 48 hours Kindrunner is paying it forward - giving you a $10 Kindness cash reward in advance of purchase!  That's just how nice Kindrunner is.  If you have been thinking about trying a new pair of shoes, or maybe looking to purchase a GPS watch or other gear, now would be the time to do it.  Click on my Kindrunner Ambassador logo to the right to head over to their website.

And don't forget to tell them I sent you :)

QOTD:  Do you have a "wish list" of things you want to buy and then wait to purchase them when a good deal like this one comes out?


  1. Thank you!

    I'm thisclose to buying new shoes, but probably not in the next 48 hours. Pooey.

    Love your new Sauconies! Here's to many successful miles in them!

    I do have a list of wants and sometimes I do wait for great deals. Just depends on how impatient I am being.

    1. Once it goes on my list I'm usually not very patient... :)