Thursday, July 11, 2013

In Her Shoes

Last night before bed Morgan made her way, as she often does, into my closet and came out wearing a pair of my shoes.  I just love it when she does this because her feet are so small compared to my size 9 and it's so cute to see her trying to walk in her mommy's shoes.  She will even say "mommy shoe" and she smiles - she is shoe obsessed already at the ripe ol' age of 1.

I love how when I hold up my phone she says "Cheese", even if I'm not taking her picture...

Samantha used to play in my shoes a lot when she was younger also; these were her favorite pair:

Morgan found these more difficult to walk in because they are heeled - she'd fall out and just start crying, then get back up and try again

Seeing her fall out of my shoes over and over again reminded me of my post on Tuesday about finding the right running shoes and it occurred to me - this applies to my kids also!  I know that their little feet grow so fast you can go broke trying to buy good children's shoes but it's just part of being a parent.  

I know they are on the more expensive side but some of my favorite kids' shoes come from Stride Rite.  They definitely have one of the best quality shoes on the market and I love how I can take my kids into the store and have their feet measured without even buying shoes.  Morgan is a lucky girl in that Samantha had a LOT of shoes so she, in turn, has a lot of shoes too since we saved the ones that weren't too worn down.  But every now and then a girl just needs a new pair of shoes; here are some of my favs out right now:

For Morgan I like to have shoes that are easy to get on because she likes to wiggle when you are getting her dressed.  She needs good, sturdy shoes for playing as much as she does but I think all little girls need a girly girl pair of sandals too.  Of course, I found two Minnie Mouse pair because she is currently obsessed with Minnie Mouse.

And we can't leave out big sister either; here are some that I picked out for her, although I'd be interested to see if she'd pick the same pair if I took her shopping since she's a self-proclaimed fashionista...

Samantha does not like any shoes that go between her toes, so I thought these sandals would be cute for her.  And what kid doesn't need their very own pair of Sperrys???  Pink, of course.  And since she runs and plays so much a good pair of tennis shoes.  I picked her out her very own girly pair of Sauconys so she can match Mommy when we go to Princess Half Weekend in February.  

Now, if I went to Stride Rite and came home with all of these Owen would surely have a heart attack, but it doesn't hurt to look, right?? 

QOTD:  Do you have a favorite place to buy kids' shoes??

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