Friday, July 5, 2013

Dumbo Training: Week 10

For today's Fitness Friday link-up I am bringing y'all my weekly Dumbo training wrap-up.  I decided that sharing my weekly Dumbo training PLUS my weekly workout recap was getting a bit too redundant (you're welcome), plus I like having the days to discuss other things about me besides just running.  While it's an important part of who I am, it's not ALL I am and not all The Smith Summary is here for :)

So, here it is, my Running Bloggers Fitness Friday link-up!

One of the best parts about the month of July is that I can now say I will be running the Dumbo Double Dare NEXT MONTH - is that not CRAY-ZY!!!!!  Here's a look at week 10's training:
Dumbo Double Dare Training:  Week 10

Tuesday:  45 minutes - done (4.16 miles at a 10:49 min/mile pace)
Thursday:  45 minutes - done (4.2 miles at a 10:42 min/mile pace)
Saturday:  2 mile walk.  This will be done on the treadmill early Saturday morning because I have to work
Sunday:  9.5 miles.  I am anxious about this one because it will be the furthest distance I have gone since the Germantown Half in March.  I have been saving my Energybits sample to use for this run and I am excited about giving them a try!  Oh, and just a hint of what's to come next week - a review of said Energybits and...a giveaway!!  So make sure you stick around next week, you won't want to miss it!
This is the second week for doing back-to-backs and this one I think will be the true test of how tough running Dumbo might be.  I think I am well prepared for running each distance but as the day approaches I get more anxious about running back-to-back days.  I'm hoping this training run will put my mind at ease a bit.  I'll be sure to give you a full report next week.
And finally, some Friday motivation:

Hope you all have a great weekend!
QOTD:  Have you ever run back-to-back days?  Give me some recommendations on recovery!


  1. Hi Kristen!
    I love that you are running the Dumbo Double Dare! I just signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Feb.! Last October I ran the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler and I'm totally addicted to Run Disney!
    I'm from Denver so there is that matter of humidity but other than that my race went great! I can't wait to hear how yours goes!
    Good luck!!!

    1. Hi Sami! I think it's safe to say I'm addicted to runDisney too :) I am running the Glass Slipper Challenge in February also!! I'm hoping to get down there for next year's Tower of Terror too, if it falls in my daughter's fall break. The FL humidity is a doozy but I hear that California has little to no humidity so I'm really looking forward to that next month - I train in high humidity here in TN so it will be nice to have a break!

  2. Good luck on your long run tomorrow! I'm doing it backwards. Did 10 miles this morning and I'm going to go for a 2 mile walk tomorrow. I'm short on time tomorrow which is why I switched things up...hopefully it'll be okay! Good luck on your training!

    1. Thanks Ashley! After this work day today I'm going to NEED that long run tomorrow!!! Glad you had a good run this morning!