Friday, June 14, 2013


I have been in the market for earphones for awhile now.  Up until now I have been using the generic earbuds that came with my iPhone but let's get real - they are not made to be used while running!  They constantly fell out and I just put up with it because I couldn't find any others that I liked.  I even tried the over-the-ear ones which were WAY worse!  I don't guess my small ears were built for those things.  I made the UBER error of taking them to Disney for the marathon and finally gave up on listening to anything after a few hours of constantly putting them back on my ear.  Those things HAD to go.

Enter Yurbuds.

I had heard about Yurbuds from some of my pals in the Pacebook Running Club but I was hesitant to make the purchase because I thought you had to buy them online and I'm always wishy-washy when it comes to that.  Then my running buddy Kristan bought a pair when her old ones died and she was telling me how much she loved them - AND - she bought hers at Sports Authority!  I decided to put the Yurbuds on my list of things to buy and give them a shot.

Fast forward to the Thursday of Morgan's surgery.  We stopped at Target on our way home to get her prescription filled and since we had time to kill we decided to walk around the store for a bit while Morgan drank her apple juice.  Of course I always like to walk by the athletic wear department to see if they have anything I can't live without when low and behold, I found Yurbuds!  At Target???!!!  Yes, at Target.  And not only did I find them at Target, but they were on sale for $24.99.  Somehow the yellow pair found their way into my shopping cart...

I got to try them for the first time the other day and these things are AWESOME!  They have several lines to choose from - I got the Inspire for Women line and they are made for smaller ears - perfect!  Remember how my standard earbuds fall out?  Not these bad boys.  They lock into place with their custom design - they don't budge!  And I know you're thinking, well, Kristen, if they are stuffed so far in your ear how are you going to hear anything else?  That's dangerous!  Well, the makers of Yurbuds know that it's not safe to run with music so loud that you aren't aware of your surroundings so they designed their earbuds so that you can hear ambient noise.  And let me tell you, you really can.  When I ran the other day with them I could hear myself breathing and my feet pounding the pavement.  And yet I could hear my podcast just fine.

I think it's official - I am in love!  If you are in the market for some new earbuds, check out the Yurbuds website, Sports Authority, or your local Target!

**I did not receive any sort of compensation from Yurbuds for this review; as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own**

QOTD:  Do you prefer traditional earbuds or over the ear?


  1. Yurbuds are FANTASTIC! And on SALE?!?! Super find, my friend.

    1. I am loving them! Can't believe I got that lucky, that never happens ;)

    2. I am loving them so far!! Yes, an awesome find indeed!!! I never get that lucky :)