Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vacation Recap: Part III

Picking up where I left off...

Thursday we set off for the Arkansas Alligator Farm, another new-to-us find in Hot Springs.  It's not that far from Bathhouse Row and if you stop in any local shop they usually have the tourist magazines that have a coupon to save you on admission.  We started off by feeding the pygmi goats; they give you bread when you pay to enter to feed the animals in their small petting zoo.  I really wish I had some pics of this because the goats were really cute and they would jump up on you like a dog.  The girls all loved them.  They also had a few donkeys and some deer-looking animals and an emu that bit Samantha on the hand.  Hilarious.

Next we headed into the alligator house, where the babies are and where the larger gators stay in the winter.  They let you hold one:

Samantha was content to just pet it

Look Mommy, a gator!

Morgan thought the babies were the neatest thing

For an extra $1 you could feed the babies - this is Sam's arm.  For the record, they eat raw chicken.

Checking out the larger alligators outside

They also had some other animals - these are the mountain lions.  This is Owen showing Morgan how to growl like them :)

This crazy guy talked to us about the history of the alligator farm and more about gators and then he fed them - like, as you can see, got in the water with them and fed them.  He is officially nuts.  

After the alligator farm I got a run in while Morgan was napping and the big girls were relaxing.  Then that night we had planned to go to one of our favorite eateries, Angels, and we decided we'd leave a few minutes early and stop back in some shops along Bathhouse Row.  Samantha had seen a necklace in Romancing The Stone so I let her go back that night and get it.  Here she is celebrating with the giant gorilla statue.

This store had a bunch of earrings, but Samantha loved the Princess sunglasses

I, of course, had to stop back in Bathhouse Soapery for some more awesome soaps.  I could spend hours in that store...

We headed over to Angels and I, being a creature of habit, had the spaghetti and meatballs which I shared with Morgan.

You think she liked it??

For dessert we all had Angels yummy homemade cannolis.  I was going to take a pic but I forgot and then it was gone.  Sorry.  Just trust me, it was delish.  After dinner we decided to take the girls to play mini golf at Pirate's Cove.  It was hot and humid and we were all dripping with sweat but the kids had fun.  We've been there before but this time they handed the girls each a goodie bag with pirate stuff in it as we were leaving.

Samantha showing off her mad pirate skills

Friday we packed our lunches, towels, and sunscreen and headed over to Magic Springs Amusement Park and Crystal Falls Water Park (they are adjoining and admission pays for both).  Sorry to disappoint but I did not take my phone with us because I didn't want to risk anything happening to it but we had a BLAST at the water park, so much that we never even went into the amusement park at all that day.  The girls enjoyed all the water slides, the wave pool, and the lazy river.  They also had a new play area called Splash Island that had water squirters, slides, and a big gigantic bucket that dumped water every 10 minutes or so.  The girls could have stayed there all day, they had so much fun.  We will definitely be making a trip back to Magic Springs the next time we are in town!

Saturday morning we sadly packed up to head home.  Vacations are fun but it was time to get back to reality.  We did, however, make one pit stop on the ride home for a snack at the Dairy Queen, where I had this yummy Smores blizzard :)

It's ok, I was still on vacation :)

QOTD:  Do you prefer amusement parks or water parks?


  1. Love these pics.

    We have an Alligator Farm by us and it's absolutely incredible. I'm glad you loved the one you went to!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It was a neat place; I'm sure we'll go back on our next trip!