Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vacation Recap: Part II

Let's see, where did I leave off..

Oh yes, Tuesday morning!  We had reserved a pontoon from 9am-1pm so we got up and had a quick breakfast then headed to Kahuna Bay to pick up our boat.  We packed a picnic lunch to eat on the boat so we could enjoy all the time we had the boat rented.  Owen decided to rent a tube also so the "big girls" could ride on it so once we got all squared away, we were off!  I decided it wasn't worth risking the phone on the boat so unfortunately I have no pics to share of that but we enjoyed ourselves!  I did get a little sun too...ok, maybe a lot of sun and perhaps some burn on my back (told ya I always miss my back).  And I'm super proud of Samantha because even after falling off the tube she wanted to get back on; such a trooper!  And Morgan just loved being on the water; she'd point to it and say "that's water."  She's so smart :)

I managed to get a run in that afternoon and then after a yummy dinner we headed off to Scoops, my favorite ice cream shop.  Everything they serve there is homemade in the store so it's all very tasty and very fresh.  Morgan enjoyed some chocolate chip:

And Samantha enjoyed mint chocolate chip

I did not take a pic of mine but I had two HUGE scoops of cake batter on a waffle cone.  I could've just gotten one scoop because they were ginormous but I don't believe in letting ice cream go to waste so I ate all of it.  

Just about every night after dinner we'd take the girls to the condo's playground to run off the last of their energy for the day. Morgan LOVED following the big girls around and sliding down the slide.

The moms enjoyed the rock that is just out of sight in this picture where we could sit and enjoy an adult beverage while the kids played :)

Wednesday morning we set out a little early for a delicious breakfast at The Pancake Shop.  It had been a few years since we had eaten here and it was just as yummy as I remembered.  The pancakes are seriously the size of your plate.  I had their buckwheat pancakes which are quite tasty.

Sam, Andi, and Abby - all smiles!

We split some pancakes between Sam and Morgan but let me just tell you - this little girl would have been much happier with a plate full of bacon.

She loved this stuff!

After breakfast we set off for the MidAmerica Science Museum.  We have never visited this gem but I think it will probably become a regular favorite for us from now on!  And here's a tip if you are a Memphian - get the Pink Palace's free summer membership and then you can reciprocate to the MASM and get free admission.  Wish I had known that before hand but anywho...  They had a special dinosaur exhibit also, which of course the kids loved.  Well, except maybe Morgan but I'll let the picture speak for itself...

Samantha at the entrance to the museum

She loved all the interactive exhibits!

A view of the nature outside

Too much fun for this little girl!!  After a nap she was as good as new though....

UNTIL we tried to show her the dinosaurs - and one roared at her...

After that, this was as close as she'd let us take her ;)

They also had a place where you could do a rub drawing of a dinosaur so daddy showed her how

Sam was a pro - just needed Mom to hold help her hold the paper :)

Daddy, get me away from these guys!!!

After walking all over the museum we decided a yummy lunch was in order!  We had seen this place a few times driving by on the main road - I'm pretty sure it's new because I don't recall seeing it before but with burgers, fries, and shakes, how can you go wrong??

And let me tell you - it was YUM-O

The chalkboard where you can draw while you wait for your food.  Dad loves these just as much as the kids :)

Another relaxing afternoon at the condo just chilling and then we took the girls back to the playground; this time they wanted to run over by the condo's mini golf area and Morgan thought it would be funny to play hide and seek from Mommy:

This kid cracks me up :)

Thursday included more fun, including our first trip to Arkansas' alligator farm!  Stay tuned for more of my recap!!!

QOTD:  What is your favorite ice cream flavor?  Mine is chocolate chip cookie dough.

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