Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ultimate 10K Recap

Ok, so I know I said I would have this up Monday and it's now Tuesday...sigh.  I'm sorry!  But I promise it's worth the wait and the story has a happy ending so please don't be mad at me.

Thanks :)

I was extremely pleased to find that they were starting the race an hour earlier this year - I think after last year's heat they made a very wise decision!  The heat last year was KILLER - see my recap of last year's race here.  This race isn't chipped so I tried to get as close to the starting line as possible.

Pictures courtesy of Memphis Runners Track Club
Memphis Runners Track Club: 2013 Ultimate 10K&5K - 1of2 &emdash;
FINALLY - a decent race pic!  Oh wait, this was at the starting line...DOH!

The first mile is almost entirely DOWNHILL and SHADED - it's awesome.  When my watch buzzed at the 1 mile mark I saw a 9:50 time and I got worried because I knew what was ahead.  That's right - no negative splitting this race folks.  I told myself going into this race that I was going to practice my 3:1 run/walk ratio that I will be using at Disneyland but after that easy peasy first mile my run/walk ratio went out the window.  No worries, I did pick it back up when we came upon monster hill #1 around the 2 mile marker.  

There were several water stops but I carried my own because I knew how hot it was going to get.  Around the halfway mark we came upon monster hill #2 and I took that as an opportune moment to walk and fuel for the second half of the race.  The volunteers at the water station gladly refilled my water bottle for me - thanks volunteers!

I recalled from last year that the second half of the course was almost entirely in the sun so I tried to take it easy and stick with my run/walk ratio after I fueled because even though this was more of a training run I REALLY wanted to PR at this race.  Throughout the race a lot of the people living in the Davies Plantation area had their sprinklers turned on facing the road and me in my infinite wisdom, recalling the heat from last year, decided I would run through each one.  Genius right?  UHM, maybe not so much when I started to feel a blister around the 5 mile mark.  Yup, you read that right.  I was wearing my same Brooks Adrenalines and my same Under Armour socks and Kristen got a blister.  A big fat one.  #FAIL.  Oh well, at least I was cool!  These really nice neighbors also showed up at the 5 mile marker with frozen washcloths again - LOVE these folks!!!  

Coming around the final turn headed back to the finish line I glanced at my watch and started to get worried that I wasn't gonna make my PR time so I my run/walk ratio flew out the window again and I just ran for the final mile.  
Memphis Runners Track Club: 2013 Ultimate 10K&5K - 1of2 &emdash;
This is me trying to smile when I saw the photographer but I was ready to be DONE

After this loverly pic was taken I rounded the corner into the parking lot where the finish line was and saw the clock - I was going to do it!!!  YES!!!!!  My friend Mandy that I saw on the course had already finished and I saw her at the finish line so I gave her a high five right before I crossed - in 1:07:07.  

My PR :)

After I finished I chatted with Mandy and her friend for a bit while I downed a Powerade and grabbed some more water but then realized it was getting late and I still had 1.8 miles to finish at home (since my Dumbo training plan called for 8 miles) so I took off for the house.  In retrospect I wish I had woken up early to do the 1.8 before the race because when I got home I had to postpone the additional miles until Sunday because we had to get Samantha to a birthday party and to be quite honest, I just didn't feel like it.  So I cranked those miles out Sunday morning and was happy with my first back-to-back runs (more on that later this week!)

Overall thoughts - this was the second time I did this race and I enjoyed this time much more than the first (except for the blister) but I think I was perhaps more prepared for the race this time and the earlier start time was a BIG plus.  They have plenty of drinks and snacks after the race - my only suggestion for next year might be to spring for a few more port-a-potties so that those pre-race loo lines aren't quite as long :)

QOTD:  When your training plan calls for more miles than the race you're doing that day, do you do the extra miles before or after, or just call it a wash??


  1. Way to go on your new PR! I do my extra miles after a race. Since long runs call for a slower pace I don't feel bad just taking it easy after the race on extra miles!

    1. Thanks Cecilia! Part of me wishes I had just done them real quick but my husband told me I was nuts ;) Plus I figured other parents would appreciate if I took a shower before the party - LOL.