Tuesday, June 4, 2013

No More Ear Infections (We Hope!!)

I had mentioned before that after 4 ugly ear infections in 4 months, Morgan's pediatrician recommended seeing an ENT about PE tubes.  We had our consultation a few weeks ago and he agreed she was definitely a candidate.  I hate seeing my little one get sick every few weeks so even though I have high anxiety about my kids being put to sleep, we agreed to have the procedure done.  This past Thursday was S day = surgery day.

I hate the whole NPO after midnight crap (NPO = nothing by mouth) so since we didn't have to report to the surgery center until 8:30 (and they were only giving her gas to put her to sleep, no IV) I didn't think it would hurt to let Morgan have a little bit of watered-down apple juice, just to keep her happy since we couldn't give her breakfast.  We got up that morning and all got dressed before waking her up, in an attempt to let her sleep as long as possible so hopefully she wouldn't think about the fact that we didn't feed her anything.  Owen even got the genius idea to take Samantha to get her breakfast so she wasn't eating at the house.  I secretly think he just wanted an excuse to get a biscuit from McDonalds but hey, Sam was a winner too so I agreed to it.  After dropping Sam off at school, we set off for the Methodist Germantown Surgery Center.

Morgan's procedure was scheduled for 9:45am but once we got there at 8:30 and completed the little paperwork, we only sat in the waiting room for about 15-20 minutes before being called back.  Luckily, we had packed a few things to keep her occupied in the meantime.

 She really likes taking selfies with my iPhone - she points to herself and says "Mo Mo"

Once we were called back for pre-op they took her weight and temperature.  My big girl weighs almost 26lb now and stood on the scale all by herself!!  Our ENT was doing PE tubes for an 11-month old boy before Morgan - his name was Jordan and he and his mom and dad were in pre-op with us so the kids quickly became friends.  I really was proud of Morgan - she didn't get fussy at all!

Do you think they'll see me with these glasses on???

In addition to letting us stay with Morgan until she went back for her procedure, the surgery center also had a toy shelf and kids could pick out a toy.  Of course, there was one thing that struck Morgan's fancy at first sight:

Look Mommy, a BARBIE!!!  (no worries, we took off the shoes before we let her have it)

Once they came for Jordan we knew it wouldn't be long before it was our turn, and I swear it had to be 10 minutes or less before the ENT came to speak with us and then the nurses took Morgan back.  As they rounded the corner into the surgery room I busted into tears.  Owen looked at me like I had lost my brain but that was my baby!  And I don't care how minor the procedure - I was scared and nervous.  Luckily, it went so quickly that by the time we went to the waiting room and I ran to the bathroom he was done and had come out to talk to us.  Morgan had developed a runny nose and cough over the weekend so I suspected an ear infection was in the works and he confirmed that - he cleaned the fluid/pus out of both ears and put antibiotic drops in that we have to continue for 7 days.  She was already awake and crying so they let us back to her quickly.  The one thing she was so upset about???  The pulse ox monitor on her toe; she couldn't get it off because they had put her shoe on top of it - these folks are pure genius!  

They didn't hold her very long - we were walking to the car around 10:15.  Less than 2 hours - props to them for getting us out so quickly!!!  We made a quick pit stop at the pharmacy to pick up her prescription ear drops and then I KNEW poor girl was starving so we stopped at Wendy's for her beloved "cheeburger."

She ate the whole thing on the way home

After lunch and a 2 hour nap  you  never would have known what the poor girl had been through that day and she was good to go back to daycare on Friday.  I know we will probably be indebted to the surgery center for months to come but I am glad we had this done; I can already tell a huge difference in her speech and her walking.  And if we have no more ear infections, that'll be a bonus too :)

QOTD:  Did any of you have ear tubes as a kid?  I did.  I don't remember having them put in but I remember when they came out!

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