Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dumbo Training: Weeks 7 and 8

Since I was gone last week I have two weeks of Dumbo training to catch you up on!  First off, our countdown as of today:

71 days!!!!!!  That loud squeal you hear right now is me; SUPER excited!  I'm just as excited as this guy was!

And that means in 70 days I get on a plane for California; it also means my birthday is in 70 days!!!  Not as excited about THAT countdown - LOL.

Dumbo Double Dare Training:  Week 7

Tuesday:  30 minutes (and yes, since we were out of town I kept it to 30 minutes)

Thursday:  30 minutes

Sunday:  3 miles (should have been Saturday but we were traveling so I did it when we got home)

Dumbo Double Dare Training:  Week 8

Tuesday:  45 minutes

Thursday:  45 minutes

Saturday:  Ultimate 10K plus an additional 1.8 miles that I will either do before or after the race (total 8 miles)

Sunday:  1 mile

Week 8 is the first week we introduce back-to-back runs; the 1 miler is supposed to be a walk on Saturday but due to the race I had to switch them up.  I have been trying to do speed training every other week but with the back-to-backs this weekend AND the race I decided on no speed training this week; I will get back on it next week.  Depending on how Saturday goes I may walk the full 1 mile on Sunday; guess we'll see!  

And make sure you come back on Monday for my race recap!  I ran this race last year so I am familiar with the course and they are starting it an hour earlier so hopefully the heat won't be as intense.

QOTD:  Do you do speed training the week of a race or do you try to take it easy?


  1. You're doing a great job!

    Up to this point, I think I can do speed training the week of a race, simply because my miles aren't super high and my races have been 5Ks. However, when I run the ToT and my half in December, I'll take a break the week of the race so I can run on fresh legs.

    1. That's what I was thinking - I'm still too much of a newbie to put too many miles on these legs before a race :)