Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dumbo Training: Week 9 - The Halfway Mark

Hard to believe that in 9 weeks I will be in Disneyland, on my birthday, running in the Dumbo Double Dare.  I'm halfway through the training schedule!  Let's take a look at what's on tap this week.

As always, here's the countdown:
64 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #excitedmuch

Dumbo Double Dare Training:  Week 9

Tuesday:  45 minutes

Wednesday:  Speed training - haven't done this in a few weeks, time to get back at it!

Thursday:  45 minutes

Saturday:  4 miles plus 1 magic mile

We are now incorporating back-to-back weekend runs every other week so I decided to add speed training on the weeks we don't run Saturday and Sunday; I'm not going to overdo it but I want to work on becoming a stronger, faster runner.  I am still doing my cross-training on other days, including strength training, and taking at least 1 rest day each week.  I am not naive though and I realize how bloody hot it is right now so if I can only get in 4x800 instead of 6x800 then so be it; it's better than nothing!  I still do all my speed training on the treadmill but it sits in my garage so it's just as hot and humid as being outside.  At least I can plug in a fan to try to mimic some sort of breeze...

QOTD:  Who else has their treadmill in their garage?  To me, it's kinda like being at the gym only no one is staring at me so if I run in my sports bra it's ok :)


  1. I hate the treadmill! I ended up giving mine to my mom since I never use it, but now I kind of wish I had it.

    1. I don't mind it as long as I have something interesting to watch on my iPad to help pass the time! :)