Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

I hope all you moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I had the best day with my family - gonna share some of my day with you!

I woke up to a yummy donut breakfast from our favorite donut shop in Arlington, Tas-T-O Donuts.  My favorites:  pumpkin spice cake and blueberry cake.  I ate them before I could take a picture.  Don't judge.

I told Owen not to get me anything for Mother's Day this year (secretly still hoping to get him to agree to Princess Half next year) but he didn't listen and bought me some beautiful yellow and orange roses.  I'm not sure why I couldn't get my picture to upload onto the blog to show you how pretty they were but I posted a pic of them on Instagram, so if you are on Instagram you can see them here.  I also got a card with a button that says One Fabulous Mom.
 I try anyways!

The girls had made me some awesome homemade Mother's Day gifts at daycare this week.  Morgan "made" me a cute flower pot with her name and hand print painted on it (again, I couldn't get the pic to upload but here it is).  Samantha made me this card:
*tear* She's getting so big...

After lunch I headed off for my Mother's Day treat:  a mani/pedi!  I was WAY overdue!  It was VERY relaxing.  After that I headed off to the grocery store.  I know you're wondering why I went grocery shopping on Mother's Day but I happen to love grocery shopping (is that weird?  Oh well.), especially when I can go alone.  But when I got home, I had one final surprise waiting for me:
Get in my belly!  

Cupcakes from GiGi's!!!  You guys know me - I love a good cupcake and the one on the bottom row in the middle was new to me - the Candy Bar cupcake.  It reminded me of the Butterfinger Cupcake at Starring Rolls in Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Now, it wasn't QUITE the same but it'll do for a runner-up :)

While Owen cooked dinner I got to spend some time outside with these cuties:
Morgan is still a tad too little for the tricycle but she HAD to ride with big sister

It was a gorgeous day and I couldn't have asked for more than spending it with my sweet girls!

QOTD:  Who else LOVES hand print goodies that their kids make??

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